To the Editor:

In an article titled “Leo’s Limits Meal Swipe Use” from Oct. 10 [A5], The Hoya described Aramark and the administration’s motivations and students’ reactions to the recent enforcement of meal swipe limits at Leo’s. The administration cited the abuse of the previously flexible policy in which students could sell their extra meal swipes or be forced to swipe upperclassmen into Leo’s.

As someone who used Leo’s as the primary source of meals my freshman and sophomore years, I believe that Aramark and the administration’s worries are largely unfounded.

I personally have never heard of someone selling their excess Leo’s meals and I know that only rarely are underclassmen forced to swipe in upperclassmen. More often than not, students being swiped in by other students just want to eat with their friends at Leo’s. In fact, I know that this was a common occurrence for many students in the past. Students who forgot their GOCards or had used all of their meal swipes for the week could easily and harmlessly beswiped-in by their friends.

I understand that meal swipes are non-transferable, but students greatly appreciated the flexibility of meal swipes at Leo’s in the past. Furthermore, the third most popular IdeaScale post, entitled “More Freedom for Leo’s Swipes,” is currently “under review” according tothe website and requests that meal swipes be given more flexibility, not less.

Auxiliary Services has stated that they are eager to include student feedback in their decisions, and has done an exemplary job in the case of the Healey Family Student Center. This inaccurate perception of the student body demonstrates the need for more constructive dialogue to improve policy.

Will Simons

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