After high-profile division series matchups, the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants will face off in the National League Championship Series, while the Kansas City Royals meet the Baltimore Orioles in the American League Championship Series. Contributors reflect on the history and trajectory of their hometown Major League Baseball teams.

29-Year Drought Ends in Dramatic Fashion in KC

Sam Abrams (SFS ’17) was born a decade after the Royals’ only World Series championship. After a lifetime of moderate Kansas City success in other sports, this year is special.

Baltimore Brings Unique Flair to October Baseball

Maryland native Laura Wagner (COL ’15) explicates all that Orioles baseball entails, with loyalty crowning it all.

Bay Area Bruisers Bring Experience, Grit to NLCS

The once-ragtag San Francisco Giants may have transformed into top-dog villains in the eyes of the country after recent successes, but Kshithij Shrinath (SFS ’17) argues that they’re still a lovable misfit collective.

Path to World Series Goes Through Gateway City

With the Cardinals’ nine NLCS appearances since 2000, Andrew May (SFS ’17) explains how St. Louis fans are truly lucky, even in the post-Albert Pujols era.

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