petition calling for Georgetown to solicit concept sketches from two architectural firms as alternatives to Sasaki Associates’ proposed Northeast Triangle has garnered 372 supporters as of Wednesday afternoon.

The petition follows student and alumni backlash to Sasaki’s design, the elimination of green space on the north side of campus and lack of alternative proposals.

The petition, posted by the newly created account Students and Alumni for a Better Georgetown on Tuesday, requests that Georgetown choose “architects that have experience with designing buildings in a spirit and style that matches Georgetown’s history” and has a goal of gaining 500 supporters.

The group presented five alternative firms for consideration: Tsoi/Kobus and Associates, Inc.,Porphyrios Associates, Hartman-Cox, Robert A.M. Stern Architects and Goody Clancy. Hartman-Cox designed the east terrace expansion of McDonough Hall at Georgetown University Law Center in 1997, while Goody Clancy designed the Rafik A. Hariri Building and Robert A.M. Stern Architects has contributed to Georgetown’s master planning efforts. Sasaki has designed buildings and strategic planning for schools including the University of Pennsylvania, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Middlebury College.

Sasaki’s designs for Northeast Triangle were unanimously approved by Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E last Monday, but stalled until September when the Old Georgetown Board requested alternative proposals at its meeting last Wednesday.

“If Sasaki can go back to the drawing board and produce an award-winning drawing that meshes seamlessly into the campus’s best traditions, hats off to them,” the letter accompanying the petition reads. “But if we never see what other firms could have produced under the same circumstances, Georgetown cannot truthfully go back to the Old Georgetown Board in September and say they have honestly listened to the complaints and produced true alternatives for the students and alumni.”

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