Citing the need to improve collaboration between the provost’s office and other departments, boost support to university researchers and improve Georgetown’s academic programs, Provost Robert Groves announced a restructuring of his office in an email to the Georgetown community Wednesday night.

The reorganization will create four new positions: vice provost for faculty, vice provost for education, vice provost for research and vice president for finance and program analytics.

“Collectively, these positions will aid schools in recruiting world-class scholars and teachers, help integrate undergraduate and graduate programs and implement changes to make it easier for faculty to mount important research projects,” Groves wrote. “We seek to increase the impact of research activity at the university, which is compatible with increasing research experiences for undergraduate and graduate students and with strengthening graduate programs.”
The first three positions will be held by acting faculty members, who will spend three-quarters of their time in the administrative role and a quarter of their time teaching or researching.

“By reflecting the views of the faculty more directly at the provost’s decision table, I hope to provide better leadership to the campus,” Groves wrote in a Jan. 30 post on his university blog.

Groves added in his blog post that the positions will be held for a maximum of two three-year terms.

The vice president for finance and program analytics will oversee the united Main Campus Finance Office and the Office of Assessment and Decision Support. The provost will also appoint a chief operating officer for the main campus, who will report both to Groves and the university’s COO, Chris Augostini.

“This new position will assure smooth integration of the university services’ units and the main campus academic units,” Groves wrote.

Groves will also establish a faculty advisory committee to help make a decision on applicants for the new positions.

“I am very conscious of minimizing the administrative costs of the university and will attempt to make other changes to minimize the net costs of these decisions,” Groves added.

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