1038998752A weary freshman finally musters up the motivation to do laundry, packs up all of his clothes into his hamper and rides the elevator all the way down to the basement ofHarbin Hall. He loads all of his clothes into the washer and walks over to the GOCard swipe machine — only to see the words “insufficient funds” register on the screen. To replenish his debit dollars, he will have to go back to his dorm room and log onto the Georgetown One Card website on his computer.

While this is certainly a trivial inconvenience, it is matched by an easy solution. The university should add a feature on the Georgetown Mobile App that would allow students to deposit funds into their debit dollars account while on the go. Whether it is to do laundry, access printing services in Lauinger or Blommer Science Library or pay for lab equipment to use in a science course,GOCard debit dollars are an indispensable resource at Georgetown, and facilitating the way in which one adds funds to the card is in everyone’s interest.

The Georgetown App recently launched a new feature called DoubleMap that allows students to track GUTS buses and SafeRides. Having a feature that allows students to easily deposit funds would be a worthwhile extension of the Georgetown App and would allow GOCards to be truly as mobile as they aspire to be.

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