After dropping three games to Creighton (22-12, 6-1 Big East) last weekend and one to Towson (27-10, 4-4 CAA) on Wednesday, the Georgetown softball team (7-27, 1-7 Big East) will look to rebound when it hosts Seton Hall (19-22, 2-6 Big East) for a three-game series this weekend.

“It’s not just been a tough set of games — it’s been a tough year. I think any time [we] are in a situation where [we] are losing a little bit more than [we] are winning, we spend a lot of energy trying to keep people up,” Head Coach Pat Conlan said.

The losses to Creighton and Towson have set Georgetown on a four-game losing streak. Georgetown’s last win was a 16-10 victory over Mount St. Mary’s (10-24, 2-2 Northeast Conference) on April 6.

According to Conlan, the key to enduring the team’s tough schedule is keeping the energy level positive, regardless of the score.

“To me, our game is all about energy, discipline and commitment. We’re not trying to focus so much on our record, but instead on how we’re competing and how we’re playing. A lot of our energy is spent staying focused and enjoying the game that we love so much,” Conlan said.

Conlan said she hopes this mentality will lead to better results as her team continues on throughout the season.

“It’s about staying mentally sharp, which will ultimately help us take care of the physical skills. We are staying focused on our task of getting better every day and letting the finished product eventually speak for itself. So, if we’re doing the things that we need to do well, we’ll win some games.”

Reflecting on this past weekend, Conlan said it was a lack of this very idea that led to the Hoyas’ downfall.

“I think particularly this past weekend we had opportunities to win a couple of games, but we just lost our focus mentally,” Conlan said. “While those don’t go down in our stats as errors, they are the things that come to bite us in the end, and unfortunately have cost us many games this year.”

Georgetown’s most recent loss was in Towson on Wednesday afternoon, with the Hoyas falling 10-2 after seven runs at the top of the first gave the Tigers a comfortable lead for the rest of the game. Senior pitcher Samantha Giovanniello held Towson to one hit and no runs through the fourth inning, but another three runs in the fifth and final inning saw Towson emerge at the upper end of the 10-2 decision.

This weekend, Seton Hall will face Georgetown coming off if its own losing streak. The Pirates have not won a game since April 2, and since then have fallen on six occasions. Most recently, Seton Hall fell to Villanova (19-13, 6-3 Big East) in extra innings in the finale of the teams’ three-game series, which Villanova swept. Georgetown’s freshman class will also play a role in the matchup against the Pirates.

Conlan said the class has shown talent and reliability.

“I think all of our freshmen have played a big role for us. [Catcher/first baseman] Sarah Bennett has been a clutch performer. She has hit in the cleanup position all year and has handled that role very well. She’s just been somebody that we’ve been able to rely on,” Conlan said.

Infielder/outfielder Mallory Belknap has also been a standout, holding the second-highest batting percentage of the team at .309 behind Giovanniello, who bats .370.

“[Belknap] has been fantastic in the two spot. She adds a different dimension to our lineup … and she has a knack for getting rallies started as well,” Conlan said.

Conlan said that with such an impressive freshman class in the lineup, the future of Georgetown softball is bright.

“We’re going to expect a lot from all of [the freshmen] in the future, so it’s nice that they’re getting their feet wet and getting a solid foundation under them,” Conlan said.

Georgetown’s first game against Seton Hall is set for tomorrow at 12 p.m. at Guy Mason Field. The Hoyas will finish the series Sunday, also at 12 p.m.

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