The Georgetown softball team finished its season with a three-game series against Providence College last weekend. Despite starting the weekend with a win, the Hoyas dropped their final two matchups, ending the season on a low note.

The weekend began with a promising 3-1 win over the Friars (30-22, 11-9 Big East) on Saturday, May 4, in the first half of their doubleheader. The Hoyas (14-35, 6-13 Big East) built their lead early with a run in each of the first three innings. Sophomore infielder Savannah Jones hit a homer in the first inning, junior first baseman Noelle Holiday hit a homer in the third and freshman infielder Kiki Besnard scored on a senior infielder Olivia Russ single in the second inning.

Georgetown failed, however, to find another win last weekend. In its second matchup of the day, they fell to Providence 5-2. Defensively, they struggled, giving up 10 hits to Providence, half of which resulted in runs.

GUHoyas | Sophomore Infielder Savannah Jones looks to throw to first.

They also struggled offensively. While they were first to score, that momentum died down after the second inning, with the team only managing three hits. In the second inning, freshman pitcher Cassie Henning singled to the pitcher, allowing freshman infielder Mae Forshey to score on the play, but the next score was an unearned run from Besnard following a fielding error.

While the Hoyas were able to keep the gap close in its first loss to the Friars, they struggled to find any success in the final matchup Sunday, May 5. Georgetown’s defense was virtually nonexistent behind equally disappointing pitching, as the team gave up 13 runs and 12 hits. After letting up two runs in the first inning, the Hoyas gave up another nine in the second inning, ensuring that the game was essentially over after two innings.

The team’s batting mirrored its defensive woes, as Georgetown only managed to get two hits and one run the entire game. The sole score came courtesy of junior outfielder Alexa Dolby, who had 26 hits and 26 runs altogether on the season.

With a 14-35 overall record anda 6-13 conference record, this season, including this most recent series, proved itself to be a nearly identical repeat of the previous two years. The Hoyas finished those seasons with only 11 and 16 games won. Georgetown’s defensive woes continued to be the team’s Achilles’ heel, paired with a lack of consistency across the team, both on the mound and at the plate.

While much of this inconsistency can be attributed to the team’s lack of experience with a mere three seniors on the 18-player roster, larger issues are likely causing these enduring struggles. The issues are clearly on offense and defense, as evidenced by Georgetown’s collective batting average of .248, with only one player above .300, while the Hoyas’ pitching staff has surrendered a batting average of .334. With the offseason now here, Head Coach Pat Conlan will have time to work with Georgetown’s softball team to tighten up its defense and strengthen its offense in preparation for next year.

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