At least two students were accosted and one was physically assaulted in Harbin Hall early Friday morning, university officials said.

According to Darryl Harrison, director of the Department of Public Safety, at about 2 a.m. between three and seven suspects forced the students to “perform several pushups” and “one student was allegedly hit on his face.”

Harrison said that he was not sure of the exact location of the incident and added that he did not know if any of the suspects were Georgetown students.

After the alleged assault, the victims fled to their residence in LXR Hall where they called DPS and the Metropolitan Police Department, Harrison said. By 2:30 a.m. MPD was on the scene and officers took a report.

In a Friday afternoon interview, Lt. Felicia Lucas, MPD’s supervisor for the Georgetown area said that there were “some things going on up at Georgetown right now,” but she said she would not comment on the incident until Sept. 15 because an investigation is ongoing.

The reported assault is the latest in a series of violent on-campus incidents over the last few weeks.

According to a DPS incident log, a suspect allegedly punched someone in the face in Henle Village on Aug. 28. On Sept. 1, again in Henle Village, a complainant told DPS officers that he had been slapped and scratched on his face and neck, the incident log said. The log said that the assailant in that case had been identified and that the incident was under investigation.

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