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NAQVI: Accommodate Non-Christian Holy Days

NAQVI: Accommodate Non-Christian Holy Days

Last Tuesday, millions of Shia Muslims spent their entire day at the mosque to commemorate Ashura, a momentous day of grief and reflection. But at Georgetown University, I was pressured to choose between my faith and my schoolwork.  For Georgetown students that ascribe to a faith besides Christianity, commemorating a[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Codify Extension Policies

As students receive their syllabi at the beginning of the semester, the inconsistent and often unclear extension policies put forth by professors cause uncertainty for the months to come. Such variety in extension policies cause student stress, especially when students are unsure whether their extension will be granted in case[Read More…]

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ROSENSTEEL: Cherish Discoveries on the Hilltop

ROSENSTEEL: Cherish Discoveries on the Hilltop

My time at Georgetown University has been one of discovery. I have discovered the meaning of friendship, the importance of community, the perks of city life, my passions and, most importantly, myself. My choice to attend Georgetown was an unlikely and difficult one, as a first generation, low-income student. However,[Read More…]

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FILE PHOTO: JULIA ALVEY/THE HOYA | Georgetown College Dean Chris Celenza proposed that the university hire a new women's and gender studies director who has experience working in a WGST department at another school as part of the discussions surrounding the push for a WGST department.

WGST Activists Meet With Dean After 17-Month Push

Students and faculty met with Georgetown College Dean Chris Celenza to discuss considerations associated with expanding the women’s and gender studies program into a department March 21. The meeting came after students delivered a letter to Celenza’s office March 1 urging Georgetown to respond to a 2017 proposal advocating for[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Streamline Student Input

Georgetown University’s current system of processing and implementing student input regarding academic curricula is ineffective. By assembling a semesterly forum for student input with a review board of diverse deans and faculty, the university will be better equipped to address community concerns. Georgetown recognizes the value of student voices, as[Read More…]

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Top-Ranked Seniors Honored For Success in Academics

Five students earning the highest cumulative grade point averages across Georgetown University’s four undergraduate schools will be honored this commencement weekend as valedictorians and Dean’s Medal recipients. Jenny Franke (COL ’18), a biochemistry major and economics minor, and Kevin Yuan (COL ’18), an economics and Japanese double major and mathematics[Read More…]

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MUCHOW: Re-Engineering Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs seek to transform ways of doing business to create better results. But we can re-engineer how entrepreneurship is taught at Georgetown University so it can better meet the real problems entrepreneurs face when they leave the classroom to start companies. Georgetown has made real progress in the teaching of[Read More…]

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WGSTea: Perspectives on Feminism

2018 marks the 30th anniversary of Georgetown University’s women’s and gender studies program. Despite its limited resources — just two full-time faculty members and no access to tenure lines — the program offers an essential interdisciplinary academic space for not only its own majors, but students across disciplinary focuses and career[Read More…]

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MASON: An Education That Provokes

Outing myself as a women’s and gender studies major used to be harder than outing myself as a lesbian. I used to mention it quietly after announcing my government major, so white, middle-aged men I introduced myself to at my father’s retirement ceremony would not ask the inevitable follow-up questions:[Read More…]

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TESTING TRUISMS: You’ll Change Your Major More Than Once in College

TESTING TRUISMS: You’ll Change Your Major More Than Once in College

Many of us dread the inevitable question from our relatives and family friends: “What do you plan to do after college?” Narrowing your interests to a single major is challenging enough, and deciding the direction of a 40-yearlong career path can seem impossibly restrictive. While some individuals have known since[Read More…]

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