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The Search for Simplicity

I’ve never been able to like a place without hating it at the same time. This is how I have felt about Georgetown and how I came to feel about Zanzibar, Tanzania, where I spent four weeks teaching and living in a local village at the start of summer. Summers[Read More…]

The Adventure of Finding Your Own Way

When I boarded the plane from Seville to Palermo, I had two suitcases, 17 euros, the phone number of my host family in Marsala, Sicily, and a plan: take a bus from Palermo airport to Trapani (a coastal town close to Marsala) and meet the family, who would then drive[Read More…]

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In “Young Wanderlust,” Evan Kenward documents his experience of travelling cross-country after graduating college.

Book Review: ‘Young Wanderlust’

★★★☆☆ Evan Kenward could not have chosen a better title for his first publication, “Young Wanderlust.” This true story of the cross-country road trip Kenward took after his college graduation brims with the adventure and spontaneity that young adults crave before starting life in the real world. At 470 pages,[Read More…]

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Getting in Touch With Nature

For those seeking a little more adventure that doesn’t include meandering through a concrete jungle, the Washington, D.C. area has many outdoor activities that offer both an opportunity to get some exercise — just like you promised yourself you would this summer — and to see the parts of the[Read More…]

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Minding the Gap

Minding the Gap

When Kayla Corcoran (COL ’15) landed in Jordan less than three months after her high school graduation, she had three bags, no knowledge of Arabic and no idea what the next 10 months would hold. “I got on the plane with a copy of Eat, Pray, Love with the idea[Read More…]

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Back in Black: ‘MIB III’ Brings Adventure and Laughs

Back in Black: ‘MIB III’ Brings Adventure and Laughs

Men In Black III is a fantastic final installment in the quintessentially ’90s science fiction series. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones do justice to the original movies by delivering yet another action-packed and hilarious performance. In addition to the familiar characters of Agents J (Smith) and K (Jones), we[Read More…]

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Photographer Travels World, Captures Thrills

Sponsored North Face climber, skier, adventure photographer and one of People’s most eligible bachelors in 2003, Jimmy Chin discussed his unconventional career path, the thrill of his job and the need for an open-minded attitude toward life, in White-Gravenor Hall Thursday evening. Chin, who has been featured in magazines such[Read More…]

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