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MAGGIE CHEN FOR THE HOYA Author Eli Clare (left) suggested a new model for the special education system that better integrates students with disabilities into the classroom at an event Oct. 4.

Author Urges Reform of Special Education System

The special education system contributes to the marginalization of people with disabilities, author Eli Clare said at an event Thursday hosted by the LGBTQ Center in the HFSC Social Room. The event, held in honor of the center’s upcoming 10th anniversary, addressed the intersection of disability, race and transness in[Read More…]

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Equality Fight Goes On

In recent weeks, many Republican-led states — especially in the South — have made national headlines by considering, and in some cases passing, legislation promoting local anti-LGBTQ discrimination policies or enacting protections for businesses and other institutions that deny services to LGBTQ individuals and groups. The legislation is cloaked in[Read More…]

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Creating a New ‘Mental Health’

A university is meant to foster innovative ideas and social progress, but at the end of the day, it is also a business. Even a campus full of Albert Einsteins and Marie Curies will shut its gates if it finds itself unable to pay the bills. Like any institution, a[Read More…]

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Homeless Youth Surveyed

A recent D.C. Department of Human Services survey found that 43 percent of the District’s 330 homeless youths identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, according to D.C.’s first Homeless Youth Census released Jan. 13. The youths surveyed were living on the streets, in a housing program or without a[Read More…]

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Account Pushes Policy Reform

Account Pushes Policy Reform

A student movement advocating for better university management of sexual assault cases gained traction last week after the Georgetown University Student Association came to an understanding with administrators to increase awareness campaigns and expedite planned initiatives. Students and administrators made agreements to improve the marketing of campus resources for sexual[Read More…]

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Georgetown University

Rev. James Walsh, S.J., Father of Speech Policy, Dies

“A university is many things but central to its being is discourse, discussion, debate: the untrammeled expression of ideas and information.” With those words, Rev. James Walsh, S.J., opened his preamble to the 1989 speech and expression policy, the first of its kind at Georgetown. The associate professor of theology died[Read More…]

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A Silent Campus

I am a Deaf student and sign language is my first language. I have cochlear implants, which enable me to hear and understand others in one-on-one interactions and most small group settings. As I approach graduation in May and reflect back on my undergraduate experience, I can say that these[Read More…]

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Students, Incorporate

In a move to rediscover its original purpose, Students of Georgetown Inc., has added a social impact chair, an external position, to its governing board of directors this month. If the position is taken seriously by not only The Corp but the rest of the student body as well, it[Read More…]

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QUALLEN: For Disabled Students, The Struggle Continues

Writing about the history of disability at Georgetown is hard because for most of the university’s history, nobody reported on the issue. Documents are scarce any time before the last decade. And yet disabled students, faculty, staff and visitors doubtlessly arrived at the Hilltop before coverage of the difficulties they[Read More…]

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Michelle Xu

5 Steps to Fight Ableism at Georgetown

In mid-September, both Copley elevators broke down, stranding every physically disabled student living on campus. After the Healey Family Student Center opened this semester, it took over a month for automatic buttons to be installed in the only available entrance. Last spring, a deaf student was denied access to American[Read More…]

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