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Alta Gracia workers stand outside their factory in the Dominican Republic. John Kline (top), a professor in the School of Foreign Service, and Ed Soule, an associate professor in the McDonough School of Business, announced that Alta Gracia broke even on profits this September.

Business Promotes Living Wage Model

Founded in 2010, Alta Gracia now produces apparel for over 800 university bookstores, including Georgetown’s. Praised for its workers’ rights-focused model, this Dominican Republic-based clothing factory is the only one in the developing world that pays employees a living wage equivalent to more than three times the minimum wage, placing[Read More…]

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A Profitable Solution To Sweatshop Labor

For decades, the worldwide apparel industry has been dominated by a world of oppressive factories and management taking advantage of their employees. In an effort to keep factory costs low and company profits high, sweatshop laborers work long hours for mere pocket change, receive little (if any) benefits and spend[Read More…]

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Workers Advocate Dies

Workers Advocate Dies

LaMarr Billups, assistant vice president for business planning policy, died in his Falls Church, Va., home Friday after a brief illness. He was 59 years old. Billups, who joined the university in 2007, also served as chairman of the Licensing Oversight Committee, the Advisory Committee on Business Practices and the committee responsible[Read More…]

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Living Wages: A Temporary Fix

Alta Gracia, the charity organization disguised as a business, is floundering. As readers of the Sept. edition of The Hoya discovered (The Hoya, A1 Sept. 9, 2011) this clothing line, which is founded upon the principle of paying its Dominican workers three times the going rate with a “living wage”[Read More…]

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Alta Gracia Hits a Snag

Kline and Soule’s report finds that the operating costs for Alta Gracia are almost three times that of its competitors. The authors suggest that the higher productivity of Alta Gracia workers, due to less frequent employee turnover and absenteeism, can close some of the cost discrepancy. However, the authors acknowledge that higher individual efficiency alone is[Read More…]

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