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MOHAMMED DEWJI Mohammed Dewji (MSB '98) returned home uninjured Oct. 20 after being kidnapped and held for nine days. Dewji serves as a member of the Board of Advisors to the McDonough School of Business.

Kidnapped Alumnus, MSB Adviser Mohammed Dewji Released Unharmed

Tanzanian billionaire and member of the Board of Advisors to the McDonough School of Business Mohammed Dewji (MSB ’98) returned home safely Oct. 20 after armed robbers abducted and held him for nine days. Two masked gunmen seized Dewji outside of the Colosseum Hotel on Oct. 11 in Dar Es[Read More…]

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WILL HASKELL FOR CONNECTICUT Former President Barack Obama endorsed Will Haskell (COL ’18) in his bid for the Connecticut State Senate on Oct. 2.

Obama Backs Alumnus for State Senate

Will Haskell (COL’18) knows it may be hard for some to take a 22-year-old’s State Senate campaign seriously, but he has at least one supporter: former President Barack Obama. Obama tweeted his support for 260 Democrats, including Haskell, running in gubernatorial, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate and state legislature[Read More…]

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TESTING TRUISMS: 70 Percent of Hoyas Marry Hoyas?

TESTING TRUISMS: 70 Percent of Hoyas Marry Hoyas?

The statistic is well-known. Tour guides cheerily relay the fact to prospective Hoyas, and you tease your friends about it when they go on dates. But is the rumor true? Do 70 percent of Hoyas actually marry other Hoyas? If you were hoping to find “the one” at Georgetown, you[Read More…]

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Sweetgreen Turns 10, Opens New Location

In 2007, a trio of freshly minted Georgetown alumni were dissatisfied with their difficulty finding affordable and healthy food. From this problem, Sweetgreen was born. Jonathan Neman, Nicolas Jammet and Nathaniel Ru lead Sweetgreen with a set of core values that aim to enforce a “culture, spirit and dedication to[Read More…]

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WAYPOINT Alumnus Ryan Summe (COL ’10) launched a new app that allows users to share reviews with their friends.

Alum Founds Community-Based Travel App

Last week, Georgetown alumnus Ryan Summe (COL ’10) launched Waypoint, an app that helps users organize and share their favorite places with their friends. Summe’s idea for the app originated from problems he encountered frequently when he travelled and could not find a way to organize and share his favorite[Read More…]

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LivingSocial Nears Bankruptcy

LivingSocial Nears Bankruptcy

In little over a year, LivingSocial, founded by Tim O’Shaughnessy (MSB ’04) in 2007, has gone from one of Washington, D.C.’s most promising companies to a platform that has alienated D.C. small businesses, including Georgetown restaurants, in attempts to stave off bankruptcy. “LivingSocial had terrible execution of its product,” Wingo’s[Read More…]

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Durbin Calls for Immigration Reform in Gaston

Durbin Calls for Immigration Reform in Gaston

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) (SFS ’66, LAW ’69) spoke about immigration reform in Gaston Hall Tuesday evening, a call that was briefly interrupted by immigration activists who criticized the senator’s approach to the issue. Two years ago, Durbin spoke at Georgetown about the necessity of immigration reform. In Tuesday’s speech, which[Read More…]

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DCPS Lacks Justice and Integrity

To the Editor: I am a 1965 graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. I recently retired after 42 years as a history teacher in the D.C. Public Schools. The following is an open letter to University President John J. DeGioia: I am very disappointed that you conferred an[Read More…]

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Alums’ Business Aims to Help the Needy

Alums’ Business Aims to Help the Needy

Sunglasses are the quintessential summer accessory. Whether worn to protect eyes from the bright sun and harsh UV rays or to accent an outfit, everyone sports a pair of sunglasses during the summer. Few, however, think of sunglasses as a way to help those in need. Vincent Ko (MSB ’10)[Read More…]

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Alumnus Responds to ‘Ryan Letter’

To the faculty members who signed the letter to Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) last week: Your note brings me sadness. I expect more from each and all of you. When I studied under you or your predecessors in the 1970s, you were respectful, not condescending, to responsible points of view[Read More…]

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