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Past the Brink and Back

Past the Brink and Back

When it comes to body image, I think most people have a distorted perception of their own body. If I were to ask someone right now to go get some fries or a burger with me, most people would think this through; they would want to know whether or not[Read More…]

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Throughout high school, Robbie Ponce (COL ’17) underwent a harrowing period of self-doubt and self-discovery as he battled with anorexia.

Beneath the Facade

If you asked my best friends and family, they would all agree that I am a very extreme person. I’ve always thought I was born to be great; I have always been a dreamer, and, from a very young age, I have been my own biggest critic. I have struggled[Read More…]

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Body Wars: The Cost of Perfection

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