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Students gathered for a vigil on the events in Ferguson in Red Square in August.

From Ferguson to Georgetown, Igniting Conversations on Race and Diversity

On the eve of the first day of classes in August, a collection of members of the Georgetown University community found their way to Red Square. Two weeks earlier, Michael Brown, an 18-year-old black male, had been shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., triggering nationwide protests decrying police[Read More…]

Nate Tisa (SFS ’14) speaks at the One Georgetown, One Campus launch Sept. 8 protesting the proposed satellite residence.

Protest Thrives in Diverse Forms

From online movements combatting microaggressions at universities nationwide to student-led rallies calling for reform at the gates of the White House, the past year has seen prolific Georgetown student activism.   Online Advocacy Inspired by #BBUM, or Being Black at the University of Michigan, students created their own Twitter movements[Read More…]

The Final Word: 2013-2014

In an eventful year for campus life, students made sure their voices were not lost in the university’s decision-making process. From Georgetown’s changing course of action on navigating the 2010 Campus Plan agreement to its responses to sexual assault and nontraditional gender identities on campus, students reacted dynamically and with[Read More…]

Media Spurs Microagression Movement

Universities across the country, including Georgetown, have become the nucleus of the burgeoning microaggressions movement which uses social media to promote dialogue about discrimination in daily life. The Brown University Micro/Aggressions Facebook page, is one of many university movements aiming to address the prevalence of discriminating racial and stereotypical microaggressions[Read More…]

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#DBKGU Continues Conversation on Race

Toward the end of February, flyers featuring the hashtag #dbkgu began to appear around campus. On Monday, the group responsible for the flyers revealed the phrase’s meaning through the social media advocacy movement Dangerous Black Kids of Georgetown University. The Facebook page and accompanying Tumblr and Instagram featured photographs of black students on campus alongside their accomplishments[Read More…]

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140 Exemplary Characters

There’s no option on Twitter to see what’s trending on the Hilltop, but if there were, it would likely often show basketball predictions or Leo’s complaints. On Dec. 5, students and alumni instead turned campus online conversation to a more serious topic through the hashtag #BBGU, or “being black at[Read More…]

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New Voices Join Online Protests

Inspired by the dialogue of the #BBGU campaign, Georgetown students provided personal experiences, thoughts and questions about their life at Georgetown University as students of color through the #BLGU and #BAGU campaigns. The former, on Dec. 12, focused on issues related to Georgetown’s Latino community, while the latter, on Dec.[Read More…]

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Strong Words From GU’s Disabled

Students tweeted about their experiences of being disabled at Georgetown on Monday using the hashtag #BDGU. The protest — inspired by the December #BLGU, #BAGU and #BBGU Twitter protests by minority groups — lamented that Georgetown is far from being disability friendly. Organized by Lydia Brown (COL ’15) along with[Read More…]

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#BBGU Prompts Discussion

“Having an academic advisor who acts really surprised when you excel in your classes.” “When everyone looks at you when the word ‘slavery’ is brought up in discussion.” “No black hairdressers on this side of town. So you have to trek 30-plus minutes.” “Having to defend why I am part[Read More…]

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