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SISODIYA: Fueling the Body, Feeding the Mind

SISODIYA: Fueling the Body, Feeding the Mind

Food is central to all of our lives. We often talk about food, watch TV shows about food and share food with friends and family. This should not be surprising given the fundamental necessity of food in our lives; we not only need it to survive, but it plays a[Read More…]

EPSTEIN: Heartbreak and the Neuropsychology of Memory

Breakups, particularly painful ones, are difficult to forget. After having a broken heart, many people believe they will never get over it. But then, somehow, they eventually start thinking about their previous partner less and less, and all the negative feelings associated with the heartbreak slowly fade over time. I[Read More…]

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Brains, Booze and Bad Decisions

Around this time last year in the spring of 2015, I saw a poster on campus that read “Make Good Decisions.” This poster was obviously in reference to Georgetown Day, the last Friday of classes during the spring semester. Since its inception 16 years ago, it has been tradition for[Read More…]

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Assistant biology professor Leslie Ries’ recent study on the migratory patterns of monarch butterflies in North America disproved popular claims of the species’ possible extinction.

GU Research Study Disproves Monarch Butterfly Extinction

According to a recent paper from assistant professor of biology Leslie Ries, monarch populations may not be disappearing, countering a long-held assumption in popular culture and the field of entomology. As an indicator species, the migratory patterns of monarch butterflies point toward general trends in the environment. According to Ries,[Read More…]

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Biology Professor Janet Mann won the Animal Welfare Institute’s Christine Stevens Wildlife Award.

Professor Wins Wildlife Award

Biology and psychology professor Janet Mann received the Animal Welfare Institute’s Christine Stevens Wildlife Award, a $10,000 grant that will help fund her research on hormone monitoring in cetaceans, an order which includes marine mammals such as dolphins, whales and porpoises. According to wildlife biologist DJ Schubert, a member of[Read More…]

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When Pre-Med Gets Personal

The overambitious pre-medical student is a staple on the Georgetown campus. If you are not one yourself, you certainly know one. Pre-meds, as we are affectionately called, spend long nights laboring over lab experiments and science problem sets in the hope that we will someday receive the coveted golden ticket:[Read More…]

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FOLEY: Mosaicism: A Genetic Puzzle

FOLEY: Mosaicism: A Genetic Puzzle

We may not actually be who we think we are. Or at least, we may be a little more complicated than we give ourselves credit for. That’s what the genetic study of DNA has begun to explore. The study of genetics looks at our DNA, which is our supposedly unique[Read More…]

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FOLEY: Finding Fulfillment in Biology

FOLEY: Finding Fulfillment in Biology

Sometimes, Jesuits are even ahead of the scientific community. Two years ago on Sept. 16, Fr. Kevin O’Brien, S.J., wrote a piece for The Hoya called “Using the Three D’s to Guide a Modern Life.” In it, he describes depth, distraction and discernment: three things necessary to understanding’s life’s meaning. O’Brien[Read More…]

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Food Studies Cluster Approved

Georgetown’s foodies will no longer have to head off campus to get their culinary fix. The university plans to address students’ gastronomic interests through an initiative for a food studies cluster passed Friday to be implemented next semester. The grouping, which is being spearheaded by associate professor of French and Francophone studies[Read More…]

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Chemo-Brain Study Kicks Off at Georgetown’s Cancer Center

Georgetown’s Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center announced the launch of a study that examines the effect of chemotherapy on the thoughts and memory of patients on Jan. 31. Researchers will interview and run neurological exams and DNA tests on female breast cancer patients who have been treated with chemotherapy and hormonal[Read More…]

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