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GU Transitions From Blackboard

Professors have been transitioning to Canvas – an alternative to learning management system Blackboard – after the university made the system available to all professors for this Fall. Current students and faculty who use Canvas have reported that while there have been challenges transitioning to the new system’s interface, the[Read More…]

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University to Replace Blackboard, Implement New Technology Initiatives

Georgetown will introduce Canvas as its new learning management system in the fall semester and eventually replace Blackboard in an effort to improve the university’s technology infrastructure, among other new initiatives, according to information released at a meeting between University Information Services and the Georgetown University Student Association Technology Advisory[Read More…]

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Chalk, Full of Problems

Georgetown has made significant efforts to incorporate the benefits of new technology and Internet connectivity into students’ academic instruction. The university prides itself on providing numerous spaces for its students to engage in deep and meaningful relationships with faculty, both inside and outside the classroom. However, one of Georgetown’s primary[Read More…]

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A growing number of schools are moving their learning management systems away from Blackboard, which Georgetown uses for its LMS. Blackboard’s nearly 90 percent market share has slipped to about 44 percent.

Blackboard Usership Steadily Declines

Blackboard Learn, Georgetown University’s campus learning management system and the traditional dominant player in the LMS industry, is facing hard times. The company continues to see its market share dwindle, but it seems unlikely that Georgetown will jump ship to a different LMS. First released in 1997, Blackboard was one[Read More…]

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Blackboard to Sell Books

On Jan. 29th, Blackboard Inc. announced plans to enter the online bookstore market, garnering support from students and textbook providers alike, with an aim to integrate course materials into the digital content the platform already provides. The online bookstore, which will sell new and used textbooks, as well as rental[Read More…]

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Mobile App Adds News, Laundry, Travel Features

Georgetown debuted new changes to the Georgetown Mobile App in hopes to make the Georgetown bureaucracy easier to navigate and make the Georgetown-specific website more accessible. The app now includes tabs for Laundry Alert, Student News, the Student Advocacy Office, Blackboard and travel information features. “I think that the beauty[Read More…]

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Study Site Promotes Student Discourse

Georgetown students have joined forces with StudyHall, an online learning platform that they believe can complement Blackboard as a useful online platform for education, though they have not reached out to the Georgetown administration. Approximately 650 Georgetown undergraduates have signed up for the service, as have approximately 1,000 people throughout the[Read More…]

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UIS to Reevaluate Blackboard

In response to student comments on the university-wide forum IdeaScale, the administration is in the process of assessing Blackboard’s usefulness and discussing how to improve the online resource. According to Chief Information Officer Lisa Davis, the university considered updating the site even before a suggestion was posted on IdeaScale last[Read More…]

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