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SISODIYA: Achieving Flow, Maintaining Focus

SISODIYA: Achieving Flow, Maintaining Focus

We all recall times where we just hope we could zone in on the moment, focus on a given assignment without distractions, with the distilled clarity of Bradley Cooper’s character in the 2011 movie “Limitless.”  The reality is that we all have at some point achieved this state of consciousness.[Read More…]

Digging Past Implausibility

A friend who visited me a week ago swears by zodiac signs, claiming my personality was “such an Aquarius; so goal-driven, stubborn and opinionated.” Even when discussing another friend, this person asked if she was a Scorpio because “Scorpios tend to have really deep-rooted emotional issues — you should watch[Read More…]

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Adam Green, a Georgetown psychology professor, conducted a study that found that tDCS to the left frontal lobe can increase creativity in participants.

Professors Find Electrical Brain Stimulation Enhances Creativity

Electrical stimulation to the front of the brain’s left hemisphere may spark an increased capacity for creative thinking, according to new findings by Georgetown researchers Adam Green and Peter Turkeltaub published on April 13 in the science journal, Cerebral Cortex. During the year-long research project, the team hitched transcranial direct[Read More…]

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