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If We Could Do GUSA Again

As our term comes to a close, a number of students have approached us asking, “If you could go back in time and ‘do GUSA’ all over again, would you?” The immediate response tends to run along the lines of, “Is this some sly way of telling us you have[Read More…]

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Student activists, including author Zoe Dobkin (SFS '16), back left, carry a mattress during October's Carry the Weight event, a day of sexual assault awareness at college campuses across the country.

I Stand With Willa, I Stand With Survivors

In the spring of 2013, Willa Murphy was violently raped by a fellow Georgetown student. It was such a traumatic experience that it took over a year after her rape before she was able to tell anyone, not uncommon for survivors. It was only in June 2014, after she had[Read More…]

Engaging the Wrong Community

Engaging the Wrong Community

The number of complaints we’ve heard about Counseling and Psychiatric Services is unacceptable. With mental health at the forefront of national dialogue, it is no wonder that students have penned op-ed after op-ed after op-ed decrying what they perceive as CAPS’ failure to provide adequate treatment. While we urgently need to improve CAPS (and student government is trying),[Read More…]

For SAO, Less Is More

The Student Advocacy Office is an invaluable resource for students who face charges of Student Code of Conduct violations. Offering focused help for those trying to understand the Student Code of Conduct as well for those facing sanctions, this office stands out among Georgetown-University-Student-Association-related organizations mainly for its ability to[Read More…]

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CARR: The Latent Cost of Government Red Tape

Last week, the Trentelmans, a family in Ogden, Utah, assembled a fort in their yard made of cardboard boxes. It had everything a child could possibly want — tunnels, a trap door, towers and even a slide. The fort was intended to be a temporary construction, providing a few days[Read More…]

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Michelle Xu

5 Steps to Fight Ableism at Georgetown

In mid-September, both Copley elevators broke down, stranding every physically disabled student living on campus. After the Healey Family Student Center opened this semester, it took over a month for automatic buttons to be installed in the only available entrance. Last spring, a deaf student was denied access to American[Read More…]

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CHOLVIN & CHRISTIANSEN: Freeing RAs From Their Fetters

CHOLVIN & CHRISTIANSEN: Freeing RAs From Their Fetters

The publication of an op-ed by Thomas Lloyd (SFS ’15) in this paper last week has had profound effects on campus since it went to press. His account of how systemic mismanagement and stonewalling by the Office of Residential Living left him without help or support shocked many and has[Read More…]

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Predicting Preregistration

Preregistration at any stage can be a very daunting process. Students often spend the entire preregistration period agonizing over which classes to take, which order to take them and how to formulate their schedule, followed by a period of self-doubt. Although Georgetown does a good job making preregistration less stressful[Read More…]

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The Housing Injustice of 2017

The Housing Injustice of 2017

On those colorful Georgetown University brochures and pamphlets that started coming in the mail my junior year of high school, I remember seeing fun phrases like, “Join us on the Hilltop!” or “Hoya Saxa!” Do you know what fun phrase I didn’t see? “We’re locking you on campus for three[Read More…]

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The Stress of Preparing to Travel Abroad

Visto. Consulado. Estrangeiro. Visa. Consulate. Foreigner. These are words that have unfortunately become very familiar for me over the past few weeks. It all started when I returned home to California for the summer and realized with horror that I had misplaced my passport. I immediately launched myself and my[Read More…]