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VIEWPOINT: Targeted Strategy Disrupts Peace Process

After four years of negotiations, the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia announced a bilateral ceasefire June 23, theoretically marking the end of the longest armed conflict in the Western Hemisphere by specifying procedures for the FARC to disarm and integrate into political life in Colombia. Dates[Read More…]

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Fall Sports Preview | Feature: The Man Behind GU’s Infallible Marketing Strategies

You might have come across his name as you ogled the T-shirt featuring three Jack the Bulldog faces howling at the moon. You might have even passed by him on campus without realizing he was the man who made the Skater Jack bobblehead a reality — a collector’s item so[Read More…]

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EPSTEIN: Why “Playing Hard to Get” is a Marketing Ploy

“Nice guys finish last.” This common phrase can often be heard coming from a guy who has been rejected by a girl to whom he was nothing but devoted. Whenever I hear someone say this, I assure him that being a nice guy is a good thing. I do believe[Read More…]

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Andres Kiger visited the MSB Wednesday to speak with students about marketing and building iconic brands like Converse Inc.

Converse Inc. VP Shares Marketing Expertise

Vice President of Latin America Marketing for Converse Inc. and graduate of Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business Andres Kiger (GSB ’95) visited the MSB on Wednesday evening to discuss the building of iconic brands in today’s market. Kiger started his presentation by documenting his personal journey from studying at Georgetown[Read More…]

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MSB Awarded for Marketing and Communications

The McDonough School of Business won six awards for its marketing and communications campaigns in the Higher Education Marketing Report’s 31st Annual Educational Advertising Awards published March 1. The recognitions included two Gold Awards for the Global Business Initiative Brochure and the MSB’s Instagram account, a Silver Award for MSB’s[Read More…]

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Research Shows Costs Behind Free Shipping

Imagine that you need to buy a new textbook for class. You find it on the publisher’s website for $49.95 plus $4.95 shipping. You do a quick search and find it there for the price of $54.90 with free shipping. From which site would you prefer to purchase the[Read More…]

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Grad Schools Advertise for New Faculty

Georgetown University markets to hundreds of thousands of consumers through advertisements placed by Georgetown’s schools in both online and print media outlets, but of the nine schools that comprise the university, only four use these traditional advertising techniques to reach students and build brand recognition, with no schools targeting undergraduate[Read More…]

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Georgetown graduates led LinkedIn’s new university rankings for business-related fields, including investment banking and finance.

MSB Tops LinkedIn Rankings

LinkedIn released its first university rankings of projected career paths for undergraduates last week, with Georgetown topping the list in a variety of business fields. The networking website ranked Georgetown number one for investment banking, number three for finance — following the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University — and[Read More…]

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Old and Stubborn Subliminal Marketing Standards

Old and Stubborn Subliminal Marketing Standards

A chorus of “sorry’s” rings out as two glossy-haired women scuttle out of a man’s path on a subway and a conference room. A mom apologetically hands off her toddler to her husband. Two women meekly interrupt their male coworkers. What’s really startling about Pantene’s new commercial featuring these women[Read More…]

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