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Georgetown University celebrated its fifth annual Latinx Heritage Month, which will conclude after Dia de los Muertos festivities Nov. 2.

Georgetown Celebrates Latinx Heritage Month

Georgetown’s fifth annual Latinx Heritage Month concluded Oct. 15, after a month-long series of events stemming from collaborations between a range of campus organizations. On-campus programming will continue through Nov. 2, ending with celebrations for Dia de Los Muertos. Collaboration between different Latinx student groups made a significant difference in[Read More…]

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Casa Latina Opens, Looks to Establish Campus Role

La Casa Latina opened its doors to the Georgetown community Saturday, marking a historic milestone a multi-year long effort to create a space for Latinx students to build and empower their community. Led by the Latino Leadership Forum, Casa Latina was approved last year to be created as a safe[Read More…]

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Casa Latina Fosters Community

Casa Latina Fosters Community

Casa Latina, a permanent safe space for the Georgetown Latino community housed next to Black House on 36th street, will be launching this fall and is currently evaluating 11 applications for five spots to reside in the house next year. The Latino Leadership Forum and the Last Campaign for Academic[Read More…]

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The Closing Word

After an eventful year for campus life, student activism proved to be a deciding force in how diversity, freedom of expression and student-administration communication shaped the Georgetown community. Here is the editorial board’s final word on major events of the 2014-2015 academic year. Developing Diversity Students have taken valuable steps[Read More…]

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Students gathered for a vigil on the events in Ferguson in Red Square in August.

From Ferguson to Georgetown, Igniting Conversations on Race and Diversity

On the eve of the first day of classes in August, a collection of members of the Georgetown University community found their way to Red Square. Two weeks earlier, Michael Brown, an 18-year-old black male, had been shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., triggering nationwide protests decrying police[Read More…]

Casa Sweet Casa

A successful Georgetown experience entails transforming the Hilltop into a “home away from home.” Yet this task has been particularly cumbersome for those who identify as underrepresented minorities. Fortunately, the activism of the Latino Leadership Forum — whose recent sit-in and presentation of a petition to University President John J.[Read More…]

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The Last Campaign for Academic Reform and the Latino Leadership 
Forum jointly staged a sit-in at the Office of the President.

Sit-In Galvanizes Proposals

Around 60 students from both the Latino Leadership Forum and the Last Campaign for Academic Reform staged a sit-in in University President John J. DeGioia’s office Friday. During the sit-in, they jointly presented a petition for a diversity course requirement and a proposal for the creation of a Casa Latina.[Read More…]

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Plans for Casa Latina are modelled after the Black House, pictured. Advocates hope the two communities can be located adjacently.

Finding a Home For Casa Latina

The Latino Leadership Forum is advocating for the creation of Casa Latina, a permanent space in the style of Black House that would function as a safe space for Georgetown students, alumni and allies. The LLF is composed of various Latino student groups, including the Latin American Student Association, GU[Read More…]

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