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The Process of Becoming America, The Beautiful

James was walking through the High Museum of Art in Atlanta with his brother, Jonathan, when he said something truly profound to him. As they passed by the various works of art, a section of the museum filled with intricate sculptures caused them to pause and take note. In front[Read More…]

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The Hilltoss: Healthy or Hyped-Up?

RETRACTION: The online Chatter column “The Hilltoss: Healthy or Hyped-Up?” (, Sept. 29, 2015) has been retracted due to misinformation and inaccuracy regarding the genesis of the Students of Georgetown, Inc. storefront, The Hilltoss and its offerings, thus invalidating the premise of the op-ed’s argument. In spring 2012, The Corp shared[Read More…]

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Mandatory Minimums – Making Twenty-Five to Life Be Done Twice

In 1994, and with an incredible 72 percent in favor, Californians passed Proposition 184. This proposition strengthened a habitual offenders law that provides higher sentences for those with two previous convictions, should they be charged and convicted with a third crime. Leading the charge was a man named Mike Reynolds[Read More…]

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Dissecting Huckabee’s Declarations

A few weeks ago, Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis was held in contempt for not issuing marriage licenses to a pair of homosexual couples. On the day of her release from jail, a rally was held in support of Davis, where Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee made an appearance. He[Read More…]

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Next Stop: Up

I had just graduated from a prestigious high school at the top of my class. A few months later, I would be coming to Georgetown University, another competitive, selective and prestigious school. I thought I knew it all. I thought I found love. I thought I had this whole life[Read More…]

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Down with Pharmaceutical Costs

Hepatitis C officially has a cure: Sovaldi. It is a powerful drug capable of healing the 150-200 million hepatitis C sufferers around the world. This pharmaceutical discovery entered the market in 2014 and was listed on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines. Though Sovaldi has the power to[Read More…]

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The End of a Year and the Search for a Home

Well folks, here we are. It’s the end of the semester, the end of the year, and for some graduating next month, the end of an era of education as they are off to the real world. Copley Lawn is finally green again, the late-budding cherry blossoms on campus have[Read More…]

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A Concert and An Unusual Friendship

In 1892, a Stanford University student of the Pioneer Class arranged for the famous pianist, Ignacy Jan Paderewski, to come and perform at Stanford. Paderewski was a world-renowned concert pianist and composer in the late 19th and early 20th century. He had been touring across Europe and North America at[Read More…]

Understanding Implicit Biases

It’s always easier to take action on an issue that has presented itself so obviously that you would be wrong to ignore its presence. But what about that itch in your bones that is telling you that something’s off,even if you have no idea what it is? There are so[Read More…]

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An Open Letter to The Invisible Patient

My name is Benjamin McAfee and I graduated from Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service in 2012. You are not alone. I experienced several issues at CAPS as well, and it is important for us to be critical of the resources offered by Georgetown in order to improve the mental[Read More…]

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