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Clear and Convincing Sets a New Standard

More than one year ago, the student body overwhelmingly voted in support of raising the evidentiary standard for Student Code of Conduct violations from “more likely than not” to “clear and convincing.” Since Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson implemented this policy in February, student leaders say they have[Read More…]

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Fairness Falters Off Campus

While we may never know what concessions were put on the negotiating table by the university to reach an agreement on the 2010 Campus Plan, we are sad to learn of yet another area where our school’s administration is willing to compromise for community approval: student justice. The decision Thursday[Read More…]

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Evidentiary Standard Raised for On-Campus Incidents

The burden of proof for Code of Student Conduct violations will be raised to “clear and convincing evidence” for all on-campus incidents other than those involving sexual assault, Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson announced Thursday afternoon. The change will come into effect Jan. 1, 2013, and will not[Read More…]

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Referendum is Valid, Ongoing

Referendum is Valid, Ongoing

After a failed university web server delayed the release of ballots by more than nine hours, voting for GUSA senators and the evidentiary standard referendum was still underway at press time early Friday morning. According to Georgetown University Student Association Election Commissioner Ethan Chess (COL ’14), 2,509 students had voted as of[Read More…]

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TISA: GUSA Can’t Do it All

TISA: GUSA Can’t Do it All

For a moment, the “clear and convincing” evidentiary referendum brought the student body and its elected government together in support of a common goal. Yet I fear, in the end, that efforts undertaken by the Georgetown University Student Association alone will be insufficient. Not until students develop a culture of[Read More…]

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Vote ‘Yes’ on Referendum

It takes a lot to move a glacier and not much less to fundamentally alter a 223-year-old university’s disciplinary system. It requires years of unjust outcomes; it necessitates observers of the system — students, faculty and staff alike — taking the time to audit rules and realities. Above all, however,[Read More…]

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Amid Referendum Prep, GUSA Letter Disappears

A banner in Red Square urging Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson to change the evidentiary standard in the Code of Student Conduct went missing Tuesday, according to a Georgetown University Student Association press release. The banner included an abridged version of GUSA’s open letter to Olson. It was hung up[Read More…]

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Justice Waits for Review

Gripes about university bureaucracy are a constant refrain on the Hilltop, but let’s set one thing straight: We can tolerate years of waiting for hot Grab ’n’ Go and campus Zipcars, but every passing day that the administration drags its feet on reforming the Code of Student Conduct adds to[Read More…]

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