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Jackson: The Dangers of the ‘University Catalyst’ and Fast Track Relationships

Now that Valentine’s Day is over and the dust of romance has settled, it’s time to look around. The person whom you only saw as a friend just took you out, and now you’ve placed them in a new category all together. Everyone assumes they know how a normal relationship[Read More…]

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Tripathi: Gay Rights in Uganda at a Crisis Point

Uganda has not enjoyed an easy independence. Following a hurried British exit in 1962, the country suffered under the vicious regime of Idi Amin, whose berserk dictates and rulings terrorized a population already beaten by economic and political failure. Uganda remains so poor and broken that today 31 percent of[Read More…]

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Chance for Free T-Shirts Unites Arena Crowds

They say that sports bring people together. That may be true a lot of the time, but even so, take a look at some stadiums or arenas and the difference between the cheapest seat and the most expensive seat, and you’ll start thinking about some RMS Titanic-level social class distinction.[Read More…]

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Eisenberg: Refusing to Be Too Politically Correct

Last Thursday I landed in Minnesota, eager to attend Creating Change, the Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s annual queer leadership conference. Crowded into Minneapolis’ Hilton were 2,600 LGBTQ activists from all stripes of life, prominent leaders in the movement attending alongside relative novices like myself. Over the weekend, I got[Read More…]

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What’s Love Got to Do With It?: Four Indie-Rock Power Couples

Inter-band relationships don’t always work out so well, unless you’re Johnny Cash and June Carter and just charm the pants off every crowd you grace with your honky-tonk presence. Things didn’t go quite as well for Ike and Tina Turner, nor for Blondie founders Debbie Harry and Chris Stein. Meg[Read More…]

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Owners’ Greed Pushing League Toward Lockout

As the eyes of the entire nation were focused on Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, for Super Bowl XLV last Sunday, very few spectators realized that it could be the last professional football game of this calendar year. Much like the NHL in 2004-05, the NBA in 1998-99 and MLB[Read More…]

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Bottom Half of Big East Proves Overall Strength

We all know the Big East is the best basketball conference in America. But this season, it has outdone itself. When the Associated Press poll came out on Monday, six of the top 12 teams in the rankings were from the Big East, which is the first time any conference has[Read More…]

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Fischer: Goat Hide, Nudity and a Search for the Real Valentine’s Day

You may call me a hopeless romantic, but Feb. 14, is one of my favorite holidays of the year. My annual activities for the day are pretty conservative and traditional. I undress, then grab a couple of strips of goat hide and run through the streets, lightly hitting any woman[Read More…]

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Gilbert: Vindicating Video Games

“Playing games is a waste of time.” We have heard, been told and believed this line ever since the Ancient Greeks tossed around sheep knucklebones in a game called astragaloi over 3,000 years ago. From their humble origins, games have maintained their connotation of uselessness as they developed from simple board games[Read More…]

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Paragamian: An Apple a Day Keeps Financial Woes Away

In my first column, I proposed asking ourselves one simple question as a starting point towards identifying profitable stock market investments: How do I spend my time and money? To illustrate my point, I discussed how investing in Chipotle and Starbucks a year ago — had we asked ourselves this[Read More…]

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