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Golden State May Vote Red in 2010

Today, the “Golden State” is anything but golden. Wracked by severe budgetary crises and an untenable political system, California, once the paragon of the American Dream, teeters on the precipice of disaster. Diverse perspectives assign the blame: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the state constitution, political parties or the “culture of Sacramento.”[Read More…]

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Value Qualifications Over Demographics for Next Court Nominee

I have a complicated relationship with the Supreme Court, which is, for me, always the most elusive of the federal branches. When I was younger, and if possible, more opinionated than I am now, my dream job was Supreme Court justice. Due to my precocious nature and vocal desire to[Read More…]

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Now Hiring: Qualified Supreme Court Justice

Following the recent retirement announcement of Justice John Paul Stevens, amateur political prognosticators have been reminiscing over the confirmation battles of recent memory. I have noticed one question persistently comes up: Remember, they inquire, when Bush tried to appoint that woman to the Court? What was her name, again? Her[Read More…]

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Honor Native American Integrity

Georgetown students care about the world. Students here tackle international problems with great tact, persistence, passion and imaginative, analytical thinking. Georgetown STAND lobbies for increased action in Darfur, Amnesty International tables for Indonesian political prisoners and the Student Commission for Unity raises money for Haiti through a silent auction of[Read More…]

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MLB Umpire West Needs Wakeup Call

It’s April, and that means this: Yours truly finally has an excuse to write about Major League Baseball games. My personal Winter of Discontent is o-vah, the Sox are back, and the whole Yankees-getting-their-World Series-rings business is done. It is officially time to let the Kevin Costner side of this[Read More…]

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New AD Reed Faces Same Old Challenges

It took nearly 11 months, during which Senior Vice President for Strategic Development Daniel Porterfield valiantly doubled up as interim athletic director, but Georgetown has finally found its man in Lee Reed. After getting burned by former Athletic Director Bernard Muir, who left for Delaware at first chance, Georgetown wanted[Read More…]

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Training to Be a Team Player

I know this much is true: I belong on the sidelines. Most of my childhood (read: life) has been marked by failed forays into the world of athletics. In gymnastics class, at age four, my instructor was so frustrated by my inability to execute a cartwheel that she invented a[Read More…]

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Proposal Fragments Curriculum

Georgetown’s institutional arrangements embody a subtle but profound philosophy about the relationship of the “Many and the One.” Each of us at once belongs to a specific school as well as a university. We are part of a collegium – a gathering of colleagues, of particular people bound in a[Read More…]

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Extreme Weather Punctuates Warming

Back in mid-March, when the weather cracked the 70-degree mark for the first time this year, my friend introduced me to a great saying. Across a table at Leo’s, he grandly announced that we were basking in “double appendage” weather. That is, the temperature was finally within the narrow range[Read More…]

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Deaf, Dumb and Third Eye Blind

Well, at least no one shot a gun at a toilet this time. Unfortunately, that was one of the few positives of the Spring Kick-Off Concert on Saturday night. I had had high expectations ever since Georgetown Program Board released the band lineup a few weeks ago. Like many of[Read More…]

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