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ON TAP: The New Emissary In Town

ON TAP: The New Emissary In Town

The third wave of coffee first emerged as a movement that conceives of this drink as a craft from bean to brew. Now that coffeehouses have embraced the third wave coffee movement and it has become all the rage, it may be hard for coffee-lovers to find these sprouting coffeehouses,[Read More…]

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HIGH-FUNCTIONING FAILURE: Jaunts in Protest America

HIGH-FUNCTIONING FAILURE: Jaunts in Protest America

As a hip youth in contemporary America, I am “with it.” I enjoy Kendrick Lamar. I think Chance the Rapper is a cool guy. Senator Elizabeth Warren both inspires me and makes me very hungry — though I think that second thing may be unrelated — I will look into[Read More…]

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Apply to be a GUIDE Cartoonist or Columnist

Apply to be a GUIDE Cartoonist or Columnist

The Hoya guide is now accepting applications for columnists and cartoonists for the Fall 2012 semester. Do you love cooking (or eating)? Want to share your favorite books, movies or television shows? Have embarrassing stories or useful advice? Whatever your passion is, whatever you want to say: Apply to be a[Read More…]

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Out of the Library

I was that kid who lived in the library. You all know him; many of you have been that same kid. We’re the ones who occupied Lau before it was cool to sleep in a cold, uncomfortable public place. We’ve knowingly exchanged resigned glances while we ordered quadruple shots of[Read More…]

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SCHALL: The State of the World: Reflecting on the Semester’s End

In the “Phaedo,” the dialogue of Socrates’ last day, a question arises about Socrates’ burial after he is to drink the fatal hemlock. His friend, Crito, is fussing about what he will do with the body. Socrates does not think it makes much difference. No matter what they do with it, wherever it is[Read More…]

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Can You Find a Mate Across the Globe?

When I was little, before falling asleep, I would look up at the stick-on, glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling and daydream about finding my soulmate. Early exposure to sappy romantic comedies instilled a belief in me that there was only one soulmate for me in the entire world — and it was up[Read More…]

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College Athletes Deserve a Slice of the Profits They Generate

From “Tatgate” at Ohio State, to the plethora of transgressions at Miami (Fla.) that read like movie scripts to the questionable at best, heinous at worst recruiting tactics of Jim Calhoun at UConn, it is apparent that college sports has reached a tipping point. The illusion that student athletes who[Read More…]

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GILBERT: With Morality, the Heart Calls the Shots

Last Monday, I had the pleasure of meeting The New York Times columnist David Brooks after he gave a talk on campus. He spoke primarily about the generational culture shift from humility to excessive pride that has occurred over the past 50 years or so. I was more interested, however,[Read More…]

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Rays Remind Us Why We Watch

Some moments just baffle us. We are left with gaping mouths, jumping up and down in shock and disbelief. The early morning of Sept. 28 was one of those moments. As the clock struck midnight, fate had dealt its hand. The Red Sox and Rays were both down to the[Read More…]

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Eastward Bound: Tensions Rising in Asia

President Obama’s recent trip to Asia has set off a series of military and defense policy shifts that have raised temperatures in East Asia. Recent regional events have escalated from relatively inconsequential – such as the Chinese claim to a sphere of influence within the first island chain in the[Read More…]

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