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JULIA GIGANTE/THE HOYA| The composting initiative is being put through a collaboration between GREEN and Compact Cab.

New Composting Initiative Begins With 50 Student Households

Fifty Georgetown students living on and off campus began composting their residential food because of a collaboration between Compost Cab, a compost pick-up service, and the Georgetown Renewable Energy and Environmental Network. Participating students who live in apartments or townhouses will collect their compostable food scraps each week in a[Read More…]

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Councilmember Cheh's legislation seeks to incentivize home composting systems for residents as part of a local government effort to reduce food waste by as much as 80 percent.

Councilmember Proposes Composting Rebates for Residents

Washington, D.C. residents who purchase home composting systems would receive a $75 rebate from the District government under a bill Councilmember Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3) proposed Oct. 3. The legislation seeks to incentivize home composting systems for residents as part of a local government effort to reduce food waste by[Read More…]

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Hilltoss to Re-start Composting Initiative

Students of Georgetown, Inc. is partnering with EnviRelation, Washington, D.C.’s first composting company, to resume its composting initiative at The Hilltoss this year. Set to launch on Monday, the composting program continues from a trial version from last spring. According to Hilltoss Director John Dodderidge (COL ’17), the restaurant refined[Read More…]

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Earth Day Every Day

On Earth Day, April 22, Students for Georgetown, Inc. announced both its plans to compost all waste from food preparation at the Hilltoss and the launch of The Corp Sustainability Committee to further engage with environmental issues and increase sustainability within the organization. As one of the largest student organizations[Read More…]

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Don’t Let Act Go to Waste

Egg shells, coffee grinds, old newspapers, unpaid bills. These are just a few items that go into the trash cans of Georgetown apartments every morning. This waste could continue to go fill a landfill somewhere, or, as GUSA has rightfully realized, it could be put to a better use. This week, the[Read More…]

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Alumni Square to Test Composting in Spring

The GUSA senate unanimously passed a bill Sunday to create a pilot program for voluntary composting for residents of Alumni Square. The program, set to debut in spring 2013, will provide a sealed composting bin to apartments that volunteer to participate. Students will then be able to empty their bins in a[Read More…]

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Student Coalition Pushes Sustainability

As a recent university composting initiative grows, campus environmental groups are looking ahead to implement more ambitious sustainability initiatives. The collaborative effort between the Georgetown University Student Association, Eco-Action and Georgetown Energy is looking to begin the process of weatherizing university townhouses. Weatherization upgrades a house’s energy consumption and efficiency[Read More…]

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