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Eliminate the Static School

Eliminate the Static School

I look up from my computer and stare at the clock — only 25 more minutes of class. I tune back into the lecture on the rise of the Ottoman Empire as the professor announces that nothing past 1800 will be on the next exam. Everyone around me scribbles, “Don’t[Read More…]

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English Requirement Reassessed

The humanities and writing general education requirement could see changes next year if a proposal aimed at strengthening the role of writing in the curriculum is approved this December. Professors from the General Education Committee have developed a preliminary proposal recommending the introduction of a first-year writing seminar capped at[Read More…]

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Students Learn Amid Absence From Academics

While most students begin courses at Georgetown just months after graduating from high school, some accepted students are opting to take a gap year before embarking on their university careers. The Wall Street Journal reported in December that a Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles[Read More…]

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