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AFTER HOURS: Chinese-Korean Cuisine Redefined in CHIKO

AFTER HOURS: Chinese-Korean Cuisine Redefined in CHIKO

Chinese-Korean cuisine is a distinct marker of childhood for most Koreans. Often consisting of jjajangmyun — black bean paste noodles — and sweet and sour pork, Chinese-Korean is a cheap source of culinary familiarity to Koreans, much like Mexican takeout is to Americans.  The Washington, D.C.-based restaurant CHIKO, on the[Read More…]

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Cumin lamb at Shanghai Lounge

A Taste of Asia

I rarely dine at an Asian restaurant when I’m in the States for the simple reason that, however authentic the place claims to be, it is no comparison to a restaurant in Asia. Nonetheless, I have still tried a handful of Asian places, and found that I was pleasantly surprised,[Read More…]

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