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Graffiti in the District Under Siege

Graffiti in the District Under Siege

Dripping from bridges, scrawled across alleyway walls and tagged on garbage cans along busy streets, graffiti brings color and gives voice to unheard perspectives in many parts of Washington, D.C. Often going unacknowledged or unaccepted as a valid form of art, graffiti has long maintained a strong presence in the[Read More…]

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A report recently revealed that due to D.C.’s lack of statehood, many female inmates are unable to be housed in District prisons.

District’s Female Inmates Dispersed

Women in the Washington, D.C. prison system face unique challenges as a result of the District’s lack of statehood status, with hundreds of women convicted of local crimes incarcerated far from their families, according to a report released March 25. The report was spearheaded by law firm Covington & Burling[Read More…]

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RAAB: Capitals Earn Well-Deserved DC Spotlight

RAAB: Capitals Earn Well-Deserved DC Spotlight

The Capitals are Washington, D.C.’s darlings, and they deserve the title. In a word, they are dominating. But this isn’t the kind of dominating of the 2009-10 President’s Trophy team that posted goals in gobs to compensate for lackluster defense and goaltending. This is the complete package. Hockey is a[Read More…]

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Love Fosters Lasting Peace

Love Fosters Lasting Peace

Monday nights for me, since the latter days of August, have meant calls home to my mother, sister and father. I usually ask for a recap of the important things I am missing back in Richmond — only the big ones though, because my mom can really talk — and[Read More…]

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Employment Study Prompts Look at Transgender Rights

A D.C. Office of Human Rights report published Nov. 3 found that transgender citizens in Washington, D.C., face significant barriers in seeking employment amid discussions regarding transgender discrimination on campus and at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. The data revealed that transgender individuals are less likely to be hired than cisgender[Read More…]

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Suspended State

The revolutionary call “no taxation without representation” reverberates across Washington, D.C., centuries after it was first issued on this continent. Passionate advocates, having led the charge for statehood through decades of debate, found new voice in the “Statehood or Else” campaign, spearheaded by D.C. Councilmember Vincent Orange (D-At Large, LAW ’88)[Read More…]

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Student Arts, Showcased

Georgetown’s presence in the local visual arts community has been muted at best. Art displayed on campus is largely confined to the 400-square-foot Spagnuolo Art Gallery, which does not showcase student artworks to a wide audience. Student art can sometimes be found in murals around campus, Students of Georgetown, Inc.[Read More…]

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Unknown, Undercover

Unknown, Undercover

There is a lot hidden behind the gleaming marble of Washington, D.C. As the home of the CIA, the FBI and the Pentagon, the D.C-V.A. area is a hub of the secret world of spies. This world of intrigue unfolds all over Washington, from a mysterious suicide of an ex-KGB[Read More…]

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DC’s Right to Light

Federalism — the revered principle of our government, as old as any other — is at constant risk of being undermined. Thursday witnessed the newest challenge to this system as the legalization of marijuana in Washington, D.C. was formally implemented at 12:01 a.m. Following in the footsteps of voters in[Read More…]

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Spend D.C. Surplus Wisely

Nearly a month into her first term, Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser faces an important challenge regarding her administration’s priorities. The District reported a $204 million surplus this past fiscal year, giving Bowser a chance to alter the city’s budget moving forward. Due to an expected spending shortfall of more[Read More…]

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