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MOAKLEY COURTHOUSE | Stephen Semprevivo, one of five Georgetown parents implicated in a nationwide March 12 admissions bribery indictment, pleaded guilty in Boston federal court Monday after paying an intermediary $400,000 to give his son an advantage in the admissions process.

Georgetown Parent Pleads Guilty in Admissions Bribery Case

Georgetown parent Stephen Semprevivo and 12 other university parents pleaded guilty to fraud for involvement in a college admissions bribery scheme in a Boston federal court Monday. The plea comes after the Georgetown University Student Association senate voted against a resolution to urge the university to expel current students and[Read More…]

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FILE PHOTO: ALEXANDRA BROWN/THE HOYA | Mickey Lee (COL '05), an admissions interviewer, drafted a petition urging Georgetown to rescind the degrees and admission of students implicated in the admissions bribery investigation. The University of Southern California revoked the admission of six students March 14.

Petition Urges GU to Rescind Degrees of Students Involved in Admissions Bribes

An online petition calling for Georgetown University to revoke the degrees and admission of all current and former students involved in the college admissions bribery scheme has gained 16,691 signatures as of press time. Georgetown alumnus and admissions interviewer Mickey Lee (COL ’05) tweeted the petition March 13. The petition[Read More…]

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Rochelle Vayntrub/The Hoya | Georgetown University students and faculty react to the U.S. Department of Justice report which revealed that Gordon Ernst, a former tennis coach at Georgetown, accepted bribes from parents in return for guaranteeing their children admission into the university.

Students, Professors Criticize Role of Wealth in Admissions

In the wake of the U.S. Department of Justice’s report that revealed a former Georgetown tennis coach accepted bribes from parents to guarantee their children admission, university students and professors speak out against inequality perpetuated within the college admissions process. The college admissions bribery scheme highlights how socio-economic status plays[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Upholding Affirmative Action

Race remains a factor for mobility in the present-day United States. Willful ignorance of that reality harms members of the Asian-American community, in addition to other communities of color. The current anti-affirmative action debate paints the dynamic and diverse Asian-American community as a monolithic entity, thereby using a narrow image[Read More…]

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Grant Funds MPD Body Cameras

The United States Justice Department awarded Washington, D.C., $1 million to expand its Body Worn Cameras program for Metropolitan Police Department officers Sept. 21, which will require that the city establish an implementation plan and training policy for cameras, as a response to police violence nationwide. The additional funding, combined[Read More…]

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