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EDITORIAL: Foster Respectful Discourse

Rigorous debate is widely accepted as a vital part of students’ formative college years, when their beliefs can be challenged by exposure to diverse perspectives. Yet the attempts to suppress opposing viewpoints and hostile discourse around the recent GU272 referendum proves that Georgetown University students must do better to foster[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: A Return to Reasonable Debate

Our country is becoming all too familiar with some variant of the phrase, “I don’t like politics: It’s all too dirty.” It is no secret that we have entered an era in which American politics seems to be a spectator sport, in which everyone participates. We are bombarded daily by[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: To Right Trump’s Wrongs

Today, the day of the presidential election, we recognize that most voters’ minds are made up, absentee ballots have been cast and ideological trenches dug. People know that Republican nominee Donald Trump has been accused of nearly a dozen sexual assaults, denies climate change and has made comments that are[Read More…]

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On Used Bookstores

Schall holds the minority opinion that used bookstores may be more important to civilization than universities. You ask, of course, where would used bookstores get their used books if there were no professors around to write them? The fact is – this sounds shocking – that people other than professors[Read More…]

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