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STERN: Gays Await High Court

Who gets the equal protection of the laws in the United States? Since the passage of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution in 1868, this has been a critical question in American jurisprudence. Do black people? The Supreme Court did not say so until 1954 in Brown v. Board of Education. Do[Read More…]

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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Is Unjustifiable

Alan Ardelean’s viewpoint “`Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Protects Personal Privacy in Military” (THE HOYA, Oct. 22, 2010, A3) is a prime example of the kind of thinking that has heretofore hindered the repeal of DADT. And while I certainly respect Ardelean – a former Marine – for his service to[Read More…]

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Title IX’s Beneficial Intent Becoming Discriminatory

My beef this week is with the discrimination against males in intercollegiate athletics that Title IX has caused.   No, this isn’t an anti-feminist stand; Title IX has done great, necessary things for women’s sports. The problem is, this success has created inequality – exactly what Title IX is supposed[Read More…]

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Students Stage ‘Dine-in’ Protest at The Tombs

A group of about 10 Georgetown students gathered for dinner in The Tombs last night to express their disapproval of alleged incidents of discrimination at the restaurant and to demand equitable treatment for all customers. Sumeet Singh Mitter (COL `05) organized a campaign for equitable treatment for all customers at[Read More…]

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