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LARKIN: Moving Toward the Radical Center

LARKIN: Moving Toward the Radical Center

Liberalism seems to have gone out of fashion. This trend should be worrying because liberalism — the ideology centered on individual liberties, pluralism and tolerance — is the foundation of our democracy. Yet in the face of Brexit, the United Kingdom’s departure from the EU; the election of President Donald[Read More…]

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Former U.S. Ambassador to France Jane Hartley also expressed concern over the Trump administration’s budget cuts to the Department of State and slow attempts to appoint officials, which she said is vital to American interests abroad.

Former French Ambassador Examines Current European Politics

The French and American relationship will survive clashing policy priorities during President Donald Trump’s term, argued former U.S. Ambassador to France Jane D. Hartley during a lecture Thursday. A part of the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy’s Oscar Iden Annual Lecture on American Foreign Policy, Hartley’s lecture described her[Read More…]

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