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ARONSON: Guiding Moral Action Through Empathy

ARONSON: Guiding Moral Action Through Empathy

As a scholar of the Holocaust, I am often called upon by friends, family, colleagues, strangers on the metro and Uber drivers to be the arbiter of a perpetual question: “Isn’t [insert contemporary topic here] just like Hitler/the Nazis/the Holocaust?” The answer I almost always give is a definitive “no.”[Read More…]

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Nicholas Scrimenti

SCRIMENTI: Compassion, A Balancing Act

To most people, empathy is seen as the height of human insight and a necessary first step toward altruism. Empathetic people are viewed as being particularly attuned to the human condition, selflessly able to put aside their own emotions to vicariously experience the internal state of another. In actuality, though,[Read More…]

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Jinwoo Chong\The Hoya

Passion and Humility Within Our Peers

Ite, inflammate omnia — go forth and set the world on fire. An often-heard phrase at a Jesuit school, these are the words St. Ignatius of Loyola used to encourage the Jesuits in their global mission, and the same that have been at the heart of my interactions at Georgetown.[Read More…]

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The Homo Sapien and Its Mysteries

The Homo Sapien and Its Mysteries

Today, I’d like to focus on one specific animal that I thought I once loved but not anymore. Jessica Poole, a human (Homo sapiens), is my ex-girlfriend who recently left me for someone who, according to Jessica, “Chews like a normal f—ing person and doesn’t make me leave the apartment[Read More…]

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