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Investing in Innovation

Sometimes it seems like every Georgetown graduate is going into consulting or investment banking. This trend exists for a reason — these jobs provide a clear pipeline and recruitment process, and a competitive starting salary that can help recent graduates start to pay off student debt. In a commendable effort[Read More…]

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Michelle Xu

5 Forecasts for the Hilltop’s Entrepreneurs

I can’t speak conclusively for Georgetown’s community of entrepreneurs, but having assisted in the planning of Georgetown’s startup weekend this year, here are some thoughts on Entrepreneurship Day. 1. Entrepreneurship at Georgetown has undergone a serious evolution over the past several years. Over 200 people showed up for this year’s[Read More…]

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Members of Startup Hoyas celebrate the 2013 Georgetown Entrepreneurship Day. This year’s Startup Weekend will begin Sept. 19.

Initiative Aids Student Thinkers

As the need for entrepreneurial education has grown over the past few years, Georgetown has remained at the forefront of the movement with its Entrepreneurship Initiative, under the banner of Startup Hoyas. Founded by Jeff Reid, an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship in the McDonough School of Business, Startup Hoyas offers[Read More…]

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Entrepreneurship Series Fosters Startup Culture

This weekend, the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative will hold Georgetown Startup Weekend, Entrepreneurship Day and TechBuzz, a series of events in the Rafik B. Hariri building that reflect the growing commitment to encouraging startups on campus and in the Washington, D.C. area. The events will feature a keynote address from Washington[Read More…]

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Socializing Key for Student App

Socializing Key for Student App

Daanish Jamal (MSB ’16) took a leave of absence from Georgetown this semester to found his company and smartphone app, NextSpot, aimed at those who find Facebook events too formal for planning group gatherings and group messages annoying, Jamal and co-founder Adhir Ravipati, a graduate of Northeastern University, sought to[Read More…]

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Chipotle Founder Crafts Burrito Business

Chipotle Founder Crafts Burrito Business

Steve Ells, the founder and CEO of Chipotle Mexican Grill, highlighted Tuesday evening in Lohrfink Auditorium the importance of changing the way people think about and eat fast food. Throughout the event, sponsored by the McDonough School of Business and the Lecture Fund, Ells outlined the history of Chipotle, which[Read More…]

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Saxbys Barista to Owner

Saxbys Barista to Owner

Business ownership is a “one day” dream for many people. It definitely was for me, starting when I watched Jack and Elizabeth Egle build Saxbys Coffee — where I worked as a barista during my junior and senior years at Georgetown — into a successful coffee shop and a well-loved[Read More…]

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Cracking the Code for Start-Ups

In order to quickly transform an idea into a product, you need to know how to code. Don’t just take it from me. Take a look at some of the most successful collegiate entrepreneurs of all time: Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Jerry Yang and David Filo, Steve Wozniak,[Read More…]

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Accio Entrepreneurship!

Accio Entrepreneurship!

Sometimes casual observers compare the steeples of Healy Hall to the spires of J.K. Rowling’s storied castle at Hogwarts. At Georgetown there are more CHARMS housing arrangements than charm spells, but with student entrepreneurs like junior Albert Eisenberg (COL ’13) among our ranks, we certainly have our share of wiz-kids.[Read More…]

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Kenneth Cole Teams Up With Compass Partners

Kenneth Cole Teams Up With Compass Partners

Fashion designer Kenneth Cole announced a partnership with Compass Partners Inc. on Friday, stitching the two organizations together with a $500,000 pledge of financial support. The deal was made public at the first annual gathering of the Compass Fellows, a group founded at Georgetown and now comprised of over 150[Read More…]

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