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HOLLANDER: The Far Left Won’t Take Center Stage

HOLLANDER: The Far Left Won’t Take Center Stage

The knee-jerk analysis of last Tuesday’s off-year elections — other than shock at Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s thin margin in Virginia and awe at Republican Chris Christie’s romp in New Jersey — was that the Democratic Party is experiencing a new progressive dawn. But while this idea might be intuitive, it[Read More…]

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HOLLANDER: Negotiation a Smarter Way to Play Politics

HOLLANDER: Negotiation a Smarter Way to Play Politics

In 1997, just one year after the most recent government shutdown, the comedy “Wag the Dog” was released, with a plot centered on a fictional president launching a war against Albania to distract the public from his own sex scandal. Less than a year after “Wag the Dog,” President, Bill[Read More…]

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HOLLANDER | Searching for Answers After Another Early Exit

With a few minutes remaining in the second half of Friday’s first-round game against Florida Gulf Coast, Georgetown fans began streaming out of the Wells Fargo Center, disheartened by another postseason campaign that ended just as it was beginning. The essential facts are familiar: The Hoyas have reached the top 10 of[Read More…]

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HOLLANDER| Saturday a Perfect Ending for Rivalry as We Know It

If there is a precedent in college basketball for the kind of atmosphere and meaning that surrounded yesterday’s Georgetown-Syracuse clash, it might be when a team plays their final game in a beloved home arena. The heroes of the college game can’t stay more than four years — and the[Read More…]

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HOLLANDER | Fans Now Free to Dream Big

There are few spots worse for a basketball team than trailing on the road in overtime. An energized home crowd and momentum going the wrong way can take down even the best squads. For that reason, it wasn’t so much sophomore forward Otto Porter Jr.’s 21 points in the second[Read More…]

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HOLLANDER | Forget the Opponent: DSR is on the Rise

If a rising tide lifts all boats, a weak opponent makes every player look better. Even so, D’VauntesSmith-Rivera’s star burned bright against lowly DePaul Wednesday night. It was the best effort of the freshman guard’s career, although his absurdly high shooting percentage — 83.3 percent — was probably more a result[Read More…]

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HOLLANDER | Rebounds Pace GU In Victory

After falling in its first two Big East games, contests marred by horrendous shooting, Georgetown headed to New York Saturday in need of a pick-me-up. It got one by easily dispatching St. John’s 67-51 in a less-than-half-full Madison Square Garden. While offensive woes were the storyline going into the game[Read More…]

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Chicago Teachers, Leo’s Staff Highlight Union Downsides

In introductory economics courses, we are taught that every decision involves trade-offs. With that in mind, we should be wary of the simple-minded arguments in defense of unions that extend everywhere from the streets of Chicago to O’Donovan Hall. Sketching a basic history of organized labor helps to illuminate the[Read More…]

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MEN’S LACROSSE | Former Terps Assistant Takes Top Job at GU

MEN’S LACROSSE | Former Terps Assistant Takes Top Job at GU

When legendary men’s lacrosse Head Coach Dave Urick retired in July, Georgetown Director of Athletics Lee Reed promised a national search for his replacement. It took only a Metro ride, however, for the Hoyas to find Kevin Warne, who was named head coach Aug. 14. Warne, who spent two seasons[Read More…]

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Kentucky Looks Best Early

After the melodrama — complete with tragic ending — that was Nerlens Noel’s recruitment, I’ve been trying to put next year’s basketball season (and Kentucky’s continuing dominance) out of my mind. And while my beloved home state briefly adjourns from basketball for the few weeks each year surrounding the Kentucky[Read More…]

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