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RAMLOW: Baseball Fans Stay Strong Despite Revenue Drop

RAMLOW: Baseball Fans Stay Strong Despite Revenue Drop

Baseball. There is something in that word that — for many Americans — evokes memories of Little League games and perhaps the first trip to a big league game. It is the children’s game, the national pastime. The sport is rich with history; it is the first of the Big Four[Read More…]

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Baseball’s Kid Problem

Looking across the last several decades, baseball is undeniably in a “golden age.” Average game attendance in Major League Baseball has steadily risen over the last 60 years from around 12,000 fans per game to just over 30,000 fans per game. MLB surpassed $8 billion in revenue following the 2013[Read More…]

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Guilty Woes of Being a Sox Fan

Ten games. Ten straight losses. They were embarrassed. I was embarrassed. Late inning collapses. Lackluster offense. Poor pitching performances. For 10 straight games, I watched horrific baseball. SportsCenter updates flooded my phone. The final box score spammed my email. Newspaper headlines the next morning reminded me that the Red Sox[Read More…]

On Fans’ Double Standards

After the Baltimore Ravens’ victory over the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, Ray Lewis is continuing to make waves — and not just because of the impending retirement of an all-time great. Rather, Lewis’ farewell tour is causing a stir due to his two murder charges in 2000, which[Read More…]

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MLB Must Try to Get More Fans

With the end of the National Football League lockout, the public is locked in to football now more than ever. Last week, a record 107.4 million people watched the season’s first weekend of games, and every day the headlines on popular sports news programs are about football. Oftentimes, come August[Read More…]

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Closet `Fans’ Emerge When Times Are Good

WITH BASEBALL’S LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES underway, it seems like a good time to bring up the issue of “closet playoffs/rivalry games-only fans.” I’m not talking about frontrunners. Some people might take exception to the method they use to pledge allegiance to a certain team, but frontrunners actually have the potential[Read More…]

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The Elements of Sportical Theory

Last week, during a bit of downtime, I began to think about what it means to be a sports fan. Sports talk show hosts and newspaper columnists often engage in conversations about what it means to be a true fan, but this wasn’t where I was headed. I wanted to[Read More…]

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