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KIM: Fighting the Freshman Fifteen

KIM: Fighting the Freshman Fifteen

When I started my freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania, I was shocked to see that every meal was buffet style and there was no limit to what I could eat. As a Korean immigrant who lived below the poverty line during middle school and high school in an[Read More…]

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Bowser Launches Health Initiative

Mayor Muriel Bowser launched FitDC, a citywide health initiative aiming to connect residents to local nutrition and fitness resources, at the Takoma Recreation Center on Saturday. The FitDC initiative will build on the city’s healthy reputation, working to broaden the scope of accessibility and affordability of health services to middle[Read More…]

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Health and Wellness Issue

Health and well-being are concepts integral to one’s college and life experiences. Yet on such a bustling campus, students rarely ever pause to examine their state of mind and body. From personal narratives of conquered eating disorders to health advice from Yates, Leo’s and CAPS employees, this issue explores sides[Read More…]

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One Step At a Time

Meghan Dimsa M.ED., M.A., C.S.C.S Georgetown University Assistant Director of Yates Field House Director of Fitness and Wellness If you have watched TV or read books and magazines, you have likely been bombarded with advertisements for trendy exercise programs bottled in a “one-size-fits-all” package. Like most of us, you begin[Read More…]

Throughout high school, Robbie Ponce (COL ’17) underwent a harrowing period of self-doubt and self-discovery as he battled with anorexia.

Beneath the Facade

If you asked my best friends and family, they would all agree that I am a very extreme person. I’ve always thought I was born to be great; I have always been a dreamer, and, from a very young age, I have been my own biggest critic. I have struggled[Read More…]

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Fitness to Shape Your Mind, Body and Soul

Fitness. You hear the word thrown around all the time. Magazine headlines promise miraculous exercise regimes. Advertisements dangle tempting clothing, gear and hot bodies as motivation to finally start working out. Cookbooks promote recipes to give you that six-pack without even heading to the gym. Other words like “wellness” and[Read More…]

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Classes Advocate Self-Defense

In a city where over 3,500 aggravated assault offenses were reported in 2010, Georgetown and its student groups are stepping up efforts to ensure that community members are better prepared to deal with instances of violent crime. The university offers self-defense courses through the Department of Public Safety and Yates[Read More…]

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Waste Not, Want Not: 3 Excuses to Go Green in 2010

In early January, everyone talks about New Year’s resolutions. To really succeed in following through with them, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to vague and easily forgotten promises – such as sleeping eight hours a night, reading the newspaper every morning or getting a 4.0 grade point average. Instead, resolutions ought[Read More…]

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