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DPE PROFESSIONAL FOREIGN SERVICE SORORITY ALPHA CHAPTER | Even though fraternities and sororities on campus do not possess the same scope and popularity on campus as clubs do, several still attempt to create a home for students. These organizations vary by their university recognition status and their target demographic, but they all seek to build community by bringing students together.

Greek Life Offers Community in Place of Clubs

Like many other Jesuit institutions across the country, Georgetown University has officially disassociated itself from Greek life since the mid-1950s, with nothing seeming to signal an upcoming change in the university’s policy regarding Greek life. Nevertheless, fraternities and sororities continue to exist, each aiming to bring something different to the[Read More…]

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SA Fair Faces Familiar Problems in 2014

SA Fair Faces Familiar Problems in 2014

The free speech restrictions around O’ Donovan Hall once again prevented student groups that are not recognized by the university from tabling at the Student Activities Fair Jan. 11. During the SA Fair, student groups that are unrecognized by the university were only permitted to table outside or hand out[Read More…]

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Frats Shut Out of Leo’s Fair

The location of the Student Activities Fair, coupled with the university’s speech policy, created barriers Saturday for fraternities and other student groups that are not formally recognized by the university. The fair was held in O’Donovan Hall, a building not among the university’s designated free speech zones. In past years, groups that[Read More…]

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