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GUSA Urges Extension of GOCard Access

The Georgetown University Student Association senate unanimously passed a resolution to extend hours of GOCard access to campus buildings Sunday night. The resolution stated that limiting access to academic buildings and dormitories after certain hours impedes the goal outlined in the 2010 Campus Plan of bringing undergraduate social life back to campus.[Read More…]

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A Problematic Partnership

The GOCard has been advertised as a way to reduce the number of cards students need to carry. But the recent contract linking PNC Bank accounts to GOCards leaves us worried that these business partners have bigger plans for limiting the options in Georgetown students’ wallets. The university announced in[Read More…]

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Flex Dollars Too Rigid

Although many students jump at the chance to dine anywhere but O’Donovan Hall, being required to purchase $50 to $100 worth of Flex Dollars as part of a meal plan is not a tasteful solution. Georgetown’s Flex Dollars program should be discontinued, and the savings should go toward reducing the[Read More…]

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GOCards Can Be Tied To PNC Accounts

GOCards Can Be Tied To PNC Accounts

Georgetown’s GOCard Office and PNC Bank have partnered to allow students to link their GOCards to a PNC debit account, joining a national trend that has drawn criticism from higher education advocates. The new service, which became available Aug. 20, allows students to use their GOCards as debit cards to make transactions and withdraw money at[Read More…]

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GOCard Update Has Compromised Safety

Increased vulnerability is not an acceptable price for a community to pay for renovations. During spring break, the university began updating the machines that scan GOCards, which are required for entry to dormitories and various other buildings around campus, with the intent of completing renovations while the majority of students were[Read More…]

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Hoya How-To

Hoya How-To

M$ney It’s three weeks in, and you’ve run out of the cash you brought with you (or your parents gave you). Besides robbing Wisey’s, where’s a kid to go for cash? ATMs are available in your favorite dining location, Leo’s, as well as in the Leavey Center right across from GUASFCU. You can cash[Read More…]

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Hariri Entry Push OKed

For those students not enrolled in the McDonough School of Business, late-night entry woes to the Hariri Building could soon be a thing of the past. The Georgetown University Student Association Senate signed off on a proposal that calls for a change in policy so students from Georgetown’s other schools[Read More…]

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On the Job: Student Guard Safety

Any student who lives in a campus residence hall knows that GOCard swiping procedures are often ignored. Too many student guards fail to check the identification of residents who forget their GOCards and instead let them slip by the guard desk. This situation is both worrisome and easily rectified. There[Read More…]

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American University Tests Program Combining SmarTrip and ID Cards

American University recently launched a pilot program to integrate SmarTrip fare card technologies into university identification cards, according to AU Student Government President Andy MacCracken. MacCracken distributed 20 cards to students, staff and faculty for a testing period that began in mid-February. The SmarTrip cards – nearly the same dimensions[Read More…]

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GOCard Tests Card Replacement Process

The GOCard Office plans to launch a temporary card solution on March 1 for students, faculty and staff who misplace their primary card, according to Director of GOCard Services Roman Fahrmann.Users who lose or misplace their GOCards have, in the past, been required to pay a $25 fee to replace[Read More…]

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