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Costly Curves

By The Editorial Board November 3, 2015

As midterm grades roll in and students commence the push toward final examinations, it is not uncommon to see students from the different schools within Georgetown University engage in lively debates about...

Scholastic Affirmation Without Grade Inflation

By Derek Buyan April 25, 2014

From kindergarten onward, parents send their children to school expecting that they will return home having learned something. If not a fact or a skill, the thing that parents trust our schools to teach...

Amid Yale Grade Inflation, GU Faces Similar Situation

By Emily Summit March 15, 2013

An ad hoc committee on undergraduate grading policy at Yale University that recommended a series of proposals aimed at addressing the university’s rampant grade inflation has drawn attention to swollenGPAs at...

A Curve That Works

By The Editorial Board March 1, 2013

It is difficult to evaluate the merit of a grading curve in undergraduate institutions. While certainly a useful way of preventing grade inflation, it brings up larger issues of the nature of grading and...

Average Cum Laude

By The Editorial Board November 15, 2012

While grades should not overshadow the more meaningful goals of higher education, few would question their significance as a reflection of student effort and achievement. Grades are like currency, and...

Straighten Out the MSB Curve

By Eric Isdaner September 27, 2012

If the McDonough School of Business’ aim is to educate students to be among the most competitive in the nation and more attractive to potential employers, its grading policy does a poor job of furthering...

Fischer: Short-Sightedness on Grade Inflation

By Michael Fischer January 26, 2011

Inflation — it is a simple little word for a basic economic concept. Yet this idea strikes fear in economists, pundits and average citizens alike. Economic inflation, the rise in prices that makes each...

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