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CARNES: Continuing to Venture Forward

CARNES: Continuing to Venture Forward

Over the stove in my kitchen, I have a small brass plaque that bears an inscription attributed to Michelangelo. It says simply, “I am still learning.” My mother gave it to me on the day I received my Ph.D., offering it as a gentle, slyly humorous admonition to not let[Read More…]

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SMITH: How I Met My Friend Bibi Geggy

SMITH: How I Met My Friend Bibi Geggy

The day I told my mom about my imaginary best friend I was four years old and being driven home from daycare. He was a 41-year-old, divorced Jewish man named Bibi Geggy. Our conversation went something like this: “Mom, there’s a man who comes and talks to me, and only[Read More…]

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CHIAROLANZIO: The Smart Business of  Liberal Arts Education

CHIAROLANZIO: The Smart Business of Liberal Arts Education

For the past five years, I have had the privilege of directing the George F. Baker Scholars Program, geared toward College students pursuing liberal arts degrees with interests in business careers. George F. Baker, a distinguished financier and philanthropist, believed in cultivating intellectually inspired and socially conscious business leaders. Today,[Read More…]

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Step One: Reflection

Step One: Reflection

Whether you are burned out, running on an adrenaline rush from your great grades or feeling stressed and pressured about your summer internship, you should take some time to recover from the year. Amid homework, projects and social events during the school year, there is little time to break and[Read More…]

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CARNES: Investing in the Hard Discussions

CARNES: Investing in the Hard Discussions

We live in a broken world. This semester, I have been teaching a new course on the politics of inequality. Each week my students and I try to better understand how socio-economic status, race, religion, gender, education, geography, politics and history have contributed to the chasms we observe today. At[Read More…]

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Leaving Childhood Behind

I’ve never been the type to adjust to change well. After my eighth-grade graduation, I went through a sort of mid-life crisis or whatever you might call a 14-year-old’s equivalent of that. I didn’t have to change schools because our curriculum had been designed to serve grades seven through 12,[Read More…]

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University Endowment Continues to Grow

Georgetown’s endowment reached a record high of $1.162 billion for fiscal year 2011, demonstrating growth of 15.4 percent from last year’s value. The increase also marks a jump in the endowment’s growth rate from last year, which stood at 12.8 percent. This growth is mainly the result of returns to[Read More…]

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Asking All the Right Questions

I have always been motivated by doing and questioning. In my youth, I spent hours immersed in puzzles, pausing every so often to question and evaluate my progress. With growth and coming of age, I spent more time focusing on my studies and athletics rather than puzzles, while still asking[Read More…]

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MSB’s Daly Departing But Satisfied

After five years as dean of the McDonough School of Business, George Daly will leave the post at the end of this academic year. “I didn’t want to die in office,” Daly joked in an interview with THE HOYA. “When you make the level of change that I’ve had the[Read More…]

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Faith Fortified by Journey Of Adversity and Growth

When my mom decided to pack everything and leave the United States for Jordan with me and my siblings, we didn’t quite understand her decision. We spent four years there. Yet, more than a decade later, I can say with certainty that it was one of the best decisions (if[Read More…]

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