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H*yas for Choice members tabling on 37th Street were relocated to Copley Lawn.

Students, University Clash Over Free Speech

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education listed Georgetown as one of the worst 10 colleges for free speech in the country in its rankings released in March. This appellation was but a step in a long-running discussion about free speech highlighted by frequent clashes between student activists and the[Read More…]

Sommers Event Sparks Dialogue, Protest

Sommers Event Sparks Dialogue, Protest

A talk by author and former philosophy professor Christina Hoff Sommers, who discussed her views on feminism, sparked student protest and dialogue throughout campus. Sommers spoke Thursday night, giving a talk titled “What’s Right (and Badly Wrong) with Feminism” at the invitation of the Georgetown University College Republicans. Members of[Read More…]

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H*yas for Choice, a student-run organization, shoulders its role as the only distributor of condoms on campus. It has long been a proponent of increasing contraceptive resources.

Georgetown’s Contraception Control

On the stacks at Vital Vittles, students can find a range of useful medicinal products to help them survive college life. Whether it’s cough drops or NyQuil, the independent, student-run Students of Georgetown Inc. ensures that its flagship store is stocked with basic medical necessities. On one shelf, you can[Read More…]

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Campus Reflects on Speech

The community met yesterday to discuss free speech on campus at a forum hosted by the Georgetown University Student Association and the Speech and Expression Committee. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education recently ranked Georgetown among the top 10 worst colleges for free speech. The panel and this placement[Read More…]

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Panel Discusses Sexual Health

Panel Discusses Sexual Health

H*yas for Choice convened a panel of representatives from Georgetown Health Education Services, Planned Parenthood Metropolitan Washington and Advocates for Youth to discuss sexual health resources on Georgetown’s campus Monday night. The panel was composed of PPMW Legislative Affairs Organizer Michelle Woods, PPMW Sexual Health Educator Blanca Torres, Advocates for Youth[Read More…]

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The 16th Annual Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life took place Saturday, and saw uninterrupted protest from H*yas for Choice.

H*yas for Choice Leads 8-Hour Protest

As approximately 500 people gathered for the 16th Annual Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life in Gaston Hall on Saturday, around 20 members of H*yas for Choice, a pro-choice student group unaffiliated with the university, staged an eight-hour protest in Healy Circle. At last year’s conference, H*yas for Choice protesters were[Read More…]

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H*yas for Choice Stickers Inform Student Body

In an effort to inform the student body of the wide range of contraceptive and sexual health resources available to them, H*yas for Choice put up 700 “Know Your Options” stickers in campus bathrooms this week that direct students to their informational blog. Unlike the university-sponsored stickers in bathrooms that[Read More…]

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A Right to Discourse

This Saturday, students from across the country will converge on Georgetown’s campus for the Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life, the largest pro-life conference of its kind in the United States. With a lineup that includes polarizing speakers such as Damon Clarke Owens and Mary Hasson, the conference has already been[Read More…]

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Relationship counselor Marissa Nelson spoke about healthy sexual relationships on Tuesday evening.

Counselor Talks Sex and Relationships

United Feminists, H*yas for Choice and the Black Student Alliance presented “Sex in the Dark: A Conversation on Healthy Relationships” on Tuesday evening to create a forum for students to discuss sex and relationships. The conversation was facilitated by Marissa Nelson, a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in individual,[Read More…]

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An annual protest for immigrant rights, pictured from 2013, starts on campus, before making its way to the Capitol. The university released updated guidelines for on-campus demonstrations on Monday.

Campus Protest Guidelines Clarified

The university released guidelines for campus protests and tabling in an update to the Speech and Expression Policy sent in a campus-wide email yesterday. The new guidelines for campus protests specify areas of campus in which groups should protest, depending on where an event is held. Students are instructed to protest[Read More…]

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