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Settling in Seoul

The experience of black people in Korea was one of the things I researched most while preparing to study abroad in Seoul. While most comments were positive, I could not help but feel anxious as a result of the few horror stories I had read: unauthorized touching and grabbing, blackface[Read More…]

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Poetry Speaks in D.C.

My metal plates feel like fire These are my hands When I place my palms together and hold them tight it looks as if I am praying to God beseeching for you With my pious hands I can make your hair silky straight The only sound Is that singe The[Read More…]

NAAZ MODAN FOR THE HOYALisette Booty (COL ’17), left, plays the black maid Vera Stark opposite Leah Benz (COL ’18) as Gloria in the Black Theatre Ensemble’s fall production of “By the Way, Meet Vera Stark” by Lynn Nottage. The play opened last night and will run through Sunday.

Industry Diversity, Meet Vera Stark

At a time when racial tensions seem to be at the forefront of America’s entertainment industry, Black Theatre Ensemble’s newest production could not be any more opportune. Produced by Taylor Oster (SFS ’17) and directed by Caitlin Ouano (COL ’17), the BTE’s production of “By the Way, Meet Vera Stark,”[Read More…]

Leaving the Past to Create a Future

As much as I looked forward to graduation back when I was a senior in high school, there was one thing I dreaded so much that sometimes I wished I could go back in time and cling to my days as an awkward pubescent freshman. And that thing was losing[Read More…]

Comfort Beyond the Table

One of the things I miss most from home is comfort food. I’ve known since I was a little kid that food is important and that it has power; that power is, perhaps, why it plays such a large role in Southern culture. Back in August, just a few days[Read More…]

Leaving Childhood Behind

I’ve never been the type to adjust to change well. After my eighth-grade graduation, I went through a sort of mid-life crisis or whatever you might call a 14-year-old’s equivalent of that. I didn’t have to change schools because our curriculum had been designed to serve grades seven through 12,[Read More…]

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Creative Writing Issue

Creative Writing Issue

Chosen from a group of competitive submissions, the short stories and poems featured in this semester’s Creative Writing Issue from The Guide highlight the creative talents of Georgetown students. Click the banners below to read the winning entries.

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The Black, Single Father

I am a black female who was raised by a single father, and there has never been a time when he wasn’t in my life. He is and has always been everything. When I was little, he let me put barrettes in his hair and played tea party with me[Read More…]

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