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Taking Pride and Joy in Catholic Identity

In his book, “Idea of a University,” Cardinal John Henry Newman states that “the human spirit must be cultivated in such a way that there results a growth in its ability to wonder, to understand, to contemplate, to make personal judgments and to develop a religious, moral and social sense.”[Read More…]

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Faith in Our Founding

A university is a place of conversation. Last year, discussion about the 2010 Campus Plan dominated much of Georgetown’s dialogue. This year, with campus plan negotiations behind us for now, Georgetown begins a new conversation, one of the most important that can be had: a dialogue on the Catholic and[Read More…]

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Editorial: Getting to the Core Are the goals of the undergraduate core curricula being fully realized?

What does it mean to hold a Georgetown degree? Every undergraduate receives a degree in a major or even two, which allow for concentration in a specified field. Still, major requirements fill, at most, only half of the average student’s credit hours over four years. Another portion of undergraduate courses[Read More…]

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