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Candidates, regardless of previous GUSA affiliations, began campaigning Thursday.

Half of Executive Candidates Previously Linked to GUSA

The six tickets in this year’s Georgetown University Student Association executive race have fielded a mixture of GUSA insiders and outsiders, a marked change from last year’s insider-dominated race. Of the 12 candidates in this year’s GUSA executive elections, three presidential candidates and three vice presidential candidates have served in[Read More…]

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Midnight in Red Square: 2015 GUSA Executive Race Begins

The 2015 Georgetown University Student Association executive race began at the stroke of midnight today, as five campaigns vied for advertising space in Red Square at the start of the official campaign period. The presidential and vice presidential tickets consist of Joe Luther (COL ’16) and Connor Rohan (COL ’16),[Read More…]

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Je Suis Charlie, Je Suis The Heckler

A few months ago, within the Georgetown Heckler, we debated the merits of retaining pseudonyms as we updated our website. I mentally conjured the image of a frustrated Todd Olson attempting to find the NetID of Ed Nonymous, Devyn or Ian Cognito and wondered what was the worst that could[Read More…]

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Joe Luther (Col ’16) and several other dedicated members of the Heckler are gearing up for a strong year of student-produced satire. With a strong leader at the helm and many new hires, the future loos bright.

Campus Spoof Revived

When asked to describe the Georgetown Heckler in three words, Editor-in-Chief Joe Luther (COL ’16) chose “poignant, honest and hilarious,” which could just as easily describe his own personality. Although the Heckler’s campus presence has lain dormant over the past few years, Luther is sure that is about to change.[Read More…]

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