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MASON: An Education That Provokes

Outing myself as a women’s and gender studies major used to be harder than outing myself as a lesbian. I used to mention it quietly after announcing my government major, so white, middle-aged men I introduced myself to at my father’s retirement ceremony would not ask the inevitable follow-up questions:[Read More…]

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LIU: Combatting the Culture of Instant Genius

Books, for many of us, have become trophies to demonstrate superiority over our peers. News articles are regurgitated to broadcast our worldliness, and documentaries are not watched for enjoyment, but rather for proving our intelligence in our next conversation. Having grown up alongside Hermione Granger — beloved by Harry Potter[Read More…]

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CARNES: Continuing to Venture Forward

CARNES: Continuing to Venture Forward

Over the stove in my kitchen, I have a small brass plaque that bears an inscription attributed to Michelangelo. It says simply, “I am still learning.” My mother gave it to me on the day I received my Ph.D., offering it as a gentle, slyly humorous admonition to not let[Read More…]

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CIANI-DAUSCH: The Business of Processing Knowledge

CIANI-DAUSCH: The Business of Processing Knowledge

“We’ve always skimmed newspapers more than we’ve read them and we routinely run our eyes over books and magazines in order to get the gist of a piece of writing to decide whether it warrants more thorough reading. The ability to skim text is every bit as important as the[Read More…]

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In the Know on Knowledge

During one of my trips to Lauinger Library last week, I noticed something unusual. As I took a seat in one of the wooden cubicles, I saw some words carved deeply into the surface of the desk, one of those permanent etchings that are added to library furnishings year after year, reminders[Read More…]

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