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VIEWPOINT: Make Fluency the New Currency

VIEWPOINT: Make Fluency the New Currency

By Charlotte Hibbert and Luke Landegger February 22, 2024

It is a well-known fact that students in Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business (MSB) do not have a language proficiency requirement. This exception to Georgetown’s core language requirement...

VIEWPOINT: Value Nonbinary Experiences

VIEWPOINT: Value Nonbinary Experiences

By Linh Truong April 21, 2023

I hate receiving compliments — I can never find the right words to respond. Maybe it’s because my Vietnamese American family shows affection through every medium but words: plates of freshly cut fruit,...

THOMAS: Revitalize Political Language Ideals

THOMAS: Revitalize Political Language Ideals

By Connor Thomas February 5, 2021

We have all developed new coping mechanisms during the COVID-19 pandemic, myself included. In my case, on a particularly stressful day in early January, I booted up “Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies”...


Georgetown’s Language Landscape Promotes Multiculturalism

By Sarah Cammarota March 22, 2018

Since Georgetown University’s founding in 1789, the school has encouraged students and faculty members to broaden their worldviews and dedicate themselves to others, regardless of cultural and linguistic...

Ayan Mandal

MANDAL: Hot Hearts and Cooler Heads

By Ayan Mandal August 30, 2016

Like many intellectual disciplines, the study of biology can be traced back to the Greek philosopher Aristotle. A true empiricist, Aristotle relied not on speculation but on dissections of organisms...

Take Control of Your Transcript

By Casey Nolan April 5, 2016

A recent email announcing the departure of Chester Gillis as dean of the Georgetown College lists an impressive number of new minors and majors that were instituted during his tenure, including African...

The School of Foreign Service Dean’s Office announced that students will be able to minor in foreign languages, marking the first time they will be able to minor outside the undergraduate core.

SFS Adds Language Minors

By Christian Paz March 30, 2016

Students in the School of Foreign Service will be able to pursue language minors within Georgetown College beginning this fall, according to a Tuesday announcement from the SFS Dean’s Office. The...

BOBROSKE: Apartheid Lingers in Language Division

BOBROSKE: Apartheid Lingers in Language Division

By Alexander Bobroske October 2, 2015

Language is the foundation for community and culture. It allows us to communicate, learn and collaborate with one another, but it can also be exploited as a means to enforce segregation. The case of Stellenbosch...

Fading Fluency

By The Editorial Board March 2, 2015

While wandering the lower floors of the ICC, it is common to hear a multiplicity of languages — from those poring over upper-level Arabic texts to a gaggle of introductory French students reviewing new...

GUMC professor Elissa Newport

GUMC Professor Wins Award

By Giovanna Azevedo November 11, 2014

Elissa Newport, professor of neurology and Director of the Georgetown University/MedStar National Rehabilitation Network Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery, has been announced as one of the winners...

The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut

Lessons in Language and Embracing Fate

By Hannah Kaufman August 12, 2014

Every day we are confronted by obstacles or opportunities that we never even knew existed. Some of us still hold memories of near-death experiences, while others have all but forgotten the small difficulties...

The Importance of Understanding Our Baggage

By Allison Hillsbery June 23, 2014

In a few hours, I will be getting on a plane bound for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For six weeks, I will be living in Copacabana with a 76-year-old woman named Jô and taking classes at the Instituto Brasil-Estados...

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