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Learning to Love Leo’s

Many put O’Donnovan Hall at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to ranking campus cuisine. In reality, the only dining hall that serves the entire campus hasn’t properly pitched its menu of merits. When students returned to making their inventive paninis and glorified G waffles in Leo’s this fall, they found[Read More…]

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Dining Workers File Petition, Push for Union

Dining Workers File Petition, Push for Union

The employees of Georgetown University Dining Services are looking to unionize. On Feb. 9, about 80 percent of workers signed a request to their employer, Aramark Higher Education, asking the food service company to remain neutral if the workers wanted to form a union. A hands-off guarantee would make a[Read More…]

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Grab ‘n’ Go: Testing the Effects of Convenience

Grab ‘n’ Go was created for the sake of convenience. It is meant to help out the over-achieving, overly busy and overly exhausted college students that Georgetown seems to cultivate — a goal for which it has most certainly accomplished. Yet its implementation has also succeeded in adding some solid[Read More…]

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Leo’s Weekend Slump Weighs Students Down Physically and Financially

As a result of Georgetown’s laudable effort to correct the notorious American eating problem, health-conscious students can choose from an eclectic spread of romaine, arugula, tomatoes and cucumbers (otherwise known as a salad) at O’Donovan Hall on weekdays.Yet as if to counter the prodigious sums of money that must be[Read More…]

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Eisenberg: Foiling a Leo’s Meal Plan Scheme

Eisenberg: Foiling a Leo’s Meal Plan Scheme

This week, my third semester at Georgetown begins. For me, that spells four more months of essays on Kant’s sex life, procrastination of Yates visits and poor decisions made at Apex courtesy of the Burnett’s liquor dynasty. But one quintessential part of the Georgetown experience will be missing: daily treks[Read More…]

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